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Acne Treatment - Causes, Treatment & Procedure

Clinically-Proven Solutions To Clear Acne

Acne is a common skin disorder of the oil glands in the largest organ in your body. Approximately  200 to 300 million are acne sufferers only in India. Acne is a serious aesthetic concern as it mostly occurs on your face, degrading the texture and tone of your skin if left untreated. 

Are you looking for clinically-proven solutions to clear acne? Our acne treatment can be the right choice to get visible results. 

Why Do You Get Acne?

You get acne when your skin pores clog because of the accumulation of extra dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Pimples can occur on your back, shoulders, chest, and face. Acne may occur and get intense because of the reasons below:

  • A rich family history of acne 
  • Hormonal imbalance or changes 
  • Stressful and hectic lifestyle habits 
  • Medicines, such as lithium, anti-epileptic drugs, and corticosteroids 
  • Intake of sugary foods 
  • Comedogenic cosmetic products

Acne Risk Factors 

You have a high risk of acne if you belong to the categories:

  • going through puberty as breakouts affect about 95% of teenagers
  • in the age group between 14 and 30 years as that is the worst affected by acne 
  • have a stressful lifestyle or hormonal issues as an adult and you may be among the 20% of men and 35% of women who have adult
  • are struggling to manage your acne-prone skin, you can relate to the next section.

Our Clinically-Proven Professional Acne Treatment Solutions

Clinic Next Face offers advanced professional acne treatment. Our solutions can treat all types and severities of acne, which ensure long-term satisfaction. Our medical team offers personalized care for all types of skin to control mild, moderate, and intense breakouts and prevent scar formation. 

Our seasoned skin experts follow a holistic approach and identify the root cause of the condition to minimize the frequency and severity of your acne. Our skilled dermatologists do the newest medico-aesthetic treatments to visibly reduce your pimples and ensure that the existing scars get less noticeable. 

We may recommend the treatment options below as a single or combined procedure to deliver the desired results of acne treatment:

Chemical Peels 

Our skilled medical professionals at Clinic Next Face suggest the application of various concentrations of uniquely formulated chemical peels depending on your skin type and the severity of your acne. We suggest the implementation of plant-based extracts to exfoliate your skin’s damaged layers 

The plant-based extracts remove extra sebum, dead cells, and grime from the pores. The advanced aesthetic treatment also helps in clearing mild to moderate acne. Acne chemical peel treatment ensures you can see a significant enhancement in your skin texture. 

Comedone Extraction 

At Clinic Next Face, our skilled dermatologists can safely extract whiteheads (comedones) and blackheads from your skin surface using advanced tools in a sterile ambiance. 

Laser Toning 

Our medical experts may recommend a few sessions of laser toning as an adjunct treatment to decrease post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused because of acne. The treatment helps your skin to look visibly better and remove pimple marks after controlling active acne.

Intralesional Injections

Our skilled doctors perform advanced acne treatments to reduce severe inflammation in the form of large nodules and cysts and minimize the risk of scarring.

Oral And Topical Medications 

Our team of top medical experts follows a holistic approach and works dedicatedly to treat the inherent causes like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance that may be causing your acne. We may prescribe a few oral medicines, such as oral antibiotics, oral Isotretinoin, and hormonal therapy to subside recurrent pimples. Our doctors may also suggest the application of topical medicines like retinoids to diminish the current breakouts.

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Conditions treated

Acne Vulgaris

Cystic Acne

Hormonal Acne

Acne Scarring

Mild to Moderate Acne

The relationship between diet and acne.

There is some evidence to suggest that diet may play a role in the development and severity of acne. Certain foods and beverages have been linked to increased acne breakouts, including:

  1. Foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates: These types of foods can raise blood sugar levels and insulin, which may contribute to the development of acne.

  2. Dairy products: Some studies have found that consuming dairy products, particularly cow’s milk, may be associated with an increased risk of acne.

  3. Foods high in omega-6 fatty acids: These include processed and fried foods, as well as vegetable oils like corn oil and soybean oil. High intake of these types of fats may increase inflammation in the body, which can contribute to acne.

On the other hand, there are also some foods that may be helpful in reducing acne breakouts. These include:

  1. Foods high in antioxidants: Antioxidants can help to protect the skin from free radical damage, which may contribute to acne. Foods high in antioxidants include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

  2. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids: These include fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, as well as nuts and seeds like flaxseeds and chia seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which may be beneficial for acne-prone skin.

  3. Water: Drinking plenty of water can help to flush toxins out of the body, which may help to reduce the risk of acne breakouts.

It’s important to note that while diet may play a role in acne, it is not the only factor. Other factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, and skincare routines also play a role in the development and severity of acne.

What Are The Types Of Acne Treated At The Clinic Next Face?

At Clinic Next Face, our experts treat acne of grades I to IV occurring in all parts of your face and body. The types of acne include blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, nodules, pus-filled pimples or pustules, and red bumps known as pustules. Our medical expertise ensures minimized risks of having acne scars and gives you clear skin.

What Is the Acne Treatment Procedure At The Clinic Next Face?

The advanced acne treatment at Clinic Next Face involves the steps below:

  • A detailed consultation with our skilled dermatologist 
  • A thorough diagnosis of the root cause to decide a holistic solution 
  • A personalized treatment plan depending on your skin and acne type 
  • Pre-care instructions to help in preparing your skin for advanced aesthetic treatment 
  • Scheduled sessions with pre-decided intervals to deliver the desired results 
  • Post-care support to deliver long-term satisfaction 

How To Get Started With Our Advanced Acne Treatment At Clinic Next Face?

Book an appointment online or call us now. Our customer care executives will schedule an appointment with our skilled dermatologist depending on your convenience and timing availability. 

Clinic Next Face aims to redefine skincare quality and deliver advanced dermatology solutions.

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Talk To Our Acne Experts Today!

No Obligations! Just jump on a quick call with our acne expert and know what kind of treatment will suit you the best.

Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your skin goals faster.

Frequently Asked Questions On Pimple Treatment

Yes, we do treat severe acne. Our experts can treat your mild, moderate, and severe acne, including blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, cysts, and cysts.

You can start to see a visible improvement after your second or third session. You can see better results as our treatment advances. You may require to finish four to six sessions at an interval of two to four weeks to get the desired results depending on your acne severity.

You get long-term results if you follow all our post-procedure instructions. But, the results vary depending on the criticality of your condition before treatment. You may require a few maintenance sessions to extend the efficiency of this procedure if you have severe acne. 

At Clinic Next Face, we take all precautions to combat risks and maximize your comfort during the treatment. Our skilled dermatologists are properly trained to use state-of-the-art USFDA-approved technology and follow international safety guidelines to perform the personalized treatment. Our strict protocols ensure the side effects related to advanced treatments stay limited to consistent redness and mild irritation. Plus, our doctors offer dedicated post-care support to eliminate any discomfort quickly. 

The mildest grades of acne can cause permanent scars if left untreated. You should consult a dermatologist quickly to prevent the degradation of your skin condition and related sequelae.

At Clinic Next Face, our skilled medical experts understand the need for extended pre and post-care to deliver the desired results. We may suggest the measures below: 


Follow an everyday skin-care routine. Apply a non-comedogenic cleanser, moisturizer, and broad-spectrum sunscreen. Avoid any salon procedures, home remedies, and active creams (AHA creams and topical retinoids) before the session.


Avoid over-sun exposure, apply the right skincare products, and work out every day for a minimal duration. Don’t use steam, sauna, or salon services for the recommended period.

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