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Anti-Ageing Diet & Nutrition

One of the best ways to have a younger skin, healthy body is through nutrition

Genetics plays a crucial role in how we age and look at different phases of life. You can’t stop aging but can have foods and drinks that make you look much younger than your age. You should always eat foods that are good for your body and skin. The right nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle can retain your youthful charm. 


Your body changes and looks differently, mainly if you are over 40 years old. The skin gets a little dryer and you need to pay more attention and effort to your muscle density and weight. As you get older, you need to be careful about what you eat. The value of good food reflects in your hair, skin, and health condition. A proper nutrition plan adds elasticity to your skin, strengthens your bones, decreases symptoms of menopause, and maintains your weight. 


Our anti-aging nutrition consultation can always help you to eat right and maintain your youthful appearance even in your 60s.  

What is Nutrition Consultation?

A nutrition consultation is an appointment with a nutritionist or dietician to improve a client’s health and lifestyle. Nutrition is a branch of science dealing with food and the nutrients you can obtain from them. Cells survive because of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals as enzymes from the food that they eat. Food can also cause several metabolic issues as they contain preservatives, additives, and other unhealthy or toxic ingredients for your cells. 


Our nutrition consultation mainly aims to ensure that you can consume all the nutrients that keep your body healthy. Chronically diseased patients can make the most of our consultation as complementary therapy. Consult our certified nutritionist and dietician if you want to stay in the best shape. We can help you in planning your meals, suggest food that is perfect for your metabolism and check your progress. 


If you are overweight, our nutritionists and dieticians help you in losing extra kilos by following a healthy diet and monitoring your progress. Our routine nutrition consultation mitigates the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease because your parents suffer from the same disorder. We can boost your overall health, improve mood, increase mobility, combat pain or symptoms that don’t stay long and change your outlook towards medical and health conditions. 

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How Can Nutrition Impact Your Skin?

Nutrition can positively impact your skin in various ways, such as energizing and adding nutrients to your skin and preventing diseases. 


Here are the ways good nutrition affects your skin: 

Remove Wrinkles 

Wrinkle formation is a natural part of the skin aging process. However, you can slow the skin aging process by quitting smoking, applying sunscreen cream/lotion, and following a healthy diet. For instance, fatty acids and protein peptides boost your skin’s metabolism and antioxidant activities. The right nutrients can prevent the breakage of your skin and make it stronger. 


You should limit the intake of carbohydrates and sugar as they damage your skin’s collagen. Excess sugar in your diet produces an aging element, known as Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), oxidant stressors that form when protein or fat mixes with sugars. 

Control Acne 

You can have severe acne because of your poor diet. Acne forms when new skin cells increase abnormally, block pores, and accumulate natural oils below the surface. Bacteria consume those oils and cause acne blemishes. 


A diet, including less processed food and extra fat, may help skin cells grow which may cause breakouts. Sugary foods, drinks, and fatty foods, such as meat and dairy products, cause skin inflammation and then acne. 

Cure Chronic Conditions 

A diet containing high sugar and fat, smoking, and alcohol consumption can dry your skin. Eat foods with high water content and consume more fluid to prevent dry skin. 


As allergies can trigger eczema in some people, eat foods with anti-inflammatory properties to control these skin symptoms. Spicy food, hot drinks, and alcohol consumption may trigger rosacea. So, avoid consuming them to reduce the frequency and intensity of flare-ups. 

How Can Nutrition Impact Your Hair? 

Our clinical nutritionist knows your diet and lifestyle habits impact hair growth and overall health. Your hair grows half to one inch every month. However, your hair growth can get faster or slower depending on factors, such as genetics, age, and nutritional habits. You can’t change genes and diet but can adjust your diet. 


Here are the ways nutrition impact your hair: 

Regulate Blood Sugar 

When you eat mostly carbohydrates, your digestive system breaks down food into normal sugars that are then released into the bloodstream and passed across your body which keeps you moving. The hormone insulin opens the cells and allows glucose, i.e., sugar into them. Your blood sugar level drops when cells use sugars from meals. 


Sometimes, the cells in your body stop reacting correctly to insulin, which is also known as insulin resistance. If they stop reacting, your pancreas produces even more insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels and help cells to absorb glucose. It can increase your blood sugar level which deteriorates your hair and health. Extra sugar damages blood vessels passing oxygen and nourishment to hair follicles. The decrease in nutrients and oxygen degrades your normal hair growth cycle. 


Eat snacks and blood-sugar-balanced meals throughout the day. All your meals and snacks should contain protein, fat, fiber, and starch or carbohydrate. Balanced snacks and meals control blood sugar in your body and give your digestive system more time to process the food and react slowly with manageable amounts of insulin.


Your snacks and meals should contain approximately 50% fiber, one-quarter starch, and one-quarter fat and protein. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet keeps you healthy. 100% vegan GRO Biotin Gummies, containing biotin, folic acid, and zinc improve scalp health. Vitamins B-5, 6, and 12, and vitamins A, C, and E also promote scalp health and hair growth. 

Strengthen Your Hair 

Hair follicles mainly contain protein and hair strand contains protein keratin. Thus, the lack of protein in your diet can cause hair thinning and loss. Your hair gets frizzy when it’s more porous because of protein deficiency. Limp or stringy hair is a big sign that your hair lacks protein. Dry and brittle hair with many split ends means you should include more protein in your diet. 


Besides adding more protein to your diet to strengthen your hair, you should also apply GRO Hair Serum, containing rich vegan Phyto-actives that can increase hair density by up to 52% and decrease shedding by approximately 76% after four months of everyday use. 

Hydrate Your Hair 

Hair requires hydration to stay healthy. Your body will pass water to the most important functions that make your hair dry. As a consequence, your hair growth will slow down or stop temporarily. Every hair strand may get brittle and lose shine. You will require more hydration if you work out every day and live in a location with a hot or humid climate. You can start by adding 12 ounces for every activity of half an hour.


Our nutritionist can suggest how to keep your hair hydrated. Shampoos and conditioners, containing Ximena oil, harvested marula oil, and organic murumuru butter can condition and hydrate your hair without weighing it down and leaving residue on your scalp.


How Do We Curate a Diet Plan as Per Your Skin and Hair Types?

Our nutritionist and dietician deeply check and understand the features of your skin and hair to recommend the most effective diet plan suited to your skin and hair type. We monitor your diet plan, maintain a record and remodify the diet depending on your skin and hair reactions, and stimulation rate toward a specific diet plan. 


You should always have seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink enough water, coconut water, herbal teas, and soup to hydrate your skin. Eat and sleep well and always stay positive to keep stress at bay. Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeinated drinks, sugar-laden fruit juices, and chocolates. 

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