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Permanent Tattoo Removal Treatment

Advanced Solution for Unwanted Tattoos – 100% Safe & Cost-effective

Tattoos, while they may fade over time, do not disappear completely. There may be various reasons why one would want to remove a tattoo. However, this can be difficult as the ink is located beneath the upper layers of skin. But, thanks to new laser technologies, it is now possible to remove tattoos non-surgically, with minimal pain, and permanently.

At CNF, our top dermatologists use the USFDA-approved Q-switched Nd:YAG technology for laser tattoo removal, which is a popular service at our clinic. Discover more about the procedure, expected outcomes, and see before and after images by visiting our website.

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What Are The Types Of Tattoos You Can Remove?

Laser tattoo removal is effective for a variety of tattoo types, including:

  • Amateur or homemade tattoos which are typically simple, small, and have ink deposits located in the upper layers of the skin, making them relatively easy to remove. These tattoos may require fewer treatment sessions to achieve optimal results compared to professional tattoos.
  • Professional tattoos, are more difficult to remove due to the deeper placement of the ink and higher ink density. These tattoos may require more aggressive treatment and a greater number of laser treatment sessions in order to fully fade.

Tattoo Removal Treatment At Clinic Next Face

At CNF, our dermatologists are highly trained in using the latest USFDA-approved Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology from Alma lasers Inc., Israel to perform tattoo removal with precision. 

This powerful laser is able to effectively remove artificial pigments, including tattoos, and customize the laser parameters based on the patient’s individual needs such as skin tone, ink color, tattoo size and type, and target area. They also apply numbing cream to ensure a virtually pain-free experience. 

The laser emits a focused light beam that destroys the tattoo ink while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. The tattoo pigments then disintegrate and the body eliminates the ink debris through natural immune response. The healing process may take several weeks depending on the tattoo characteristics. 

At CNF, our medical experts provide extensive pre and post-care support to minimize side effects and maximize results. Multiple laser treatment sessions may be required to achieve the best results of tattoo removal, the number of sessions will be determined by the doctors based on the size, location, color of the tattoo, skin tone and age of the client. 

Laser treatment is a safe and effective way to remove both amateur and professional, colored and black tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Procedure At Clinic Next Face

If you enrol for laser tattoo removal treatment at CNF, you can expect the below steps:

  • An exclusive consultation with an experienced dermatologist
  • Customisation of the treatment plan after determining the number of sessions you need based on the evaluation of the skin tone, type, size, colour and location of your tattoo
  • Pre-care instructions from the medical team
  • Planned sessions at regular interval
  • Extensive post-care support to minimise downtime

Top Benefits Of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment At CNF

Laser treatment at CNF is the best tattoo removal method for the following reasons:

  • Non-Invasive Method: Laser tattoo removal doesn’t require any surgical intervention or blood loss. The treatment involves no cuts, wounds or stitches, only mild oedema and abrasion that resolves very quickly.
  • Precise: During the procedure, a dermatologist will use a laser beam to focus on the target area and break down the tattoo pigments without harming the surrounding skin.
  • Painless: It is a virtually painless treatment and the best tattoo removal method for big and permanent tattoos.
  • Permanent Results: You can attain unmatched and long-lasting results in minimal sessions, making it the best permanent tattoo removal method.
  • No Major Side Effects: Laser treatment at CNF is one of the safest tattoo removal methods as it has no significant side effects except minor redness, bruising and swelling that account for minimal downtime.
  • Quick Results: Q-switched Nd:YAG laser uses a powerful and focused beam of light to eliminate the pigment deposit in the target area in ultra-short duration. This accelerates the tattoo removal process, making it easy to get rid of large tattoos within a few weeks after the treatment ends.
  • Effective Removal Of All Tattoos: Most tattoo inks are responsive to laser treatment. Also, a laser can remove small and large tattoos with its powerful pulse. Though, multi-coloured tattoos might need more sessions with lasers of different wavelengths than black ones.

How To Get Started?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tattoo Removal Treatment

The timeline of results for tattoo removal varies depending on the size, colour, location of the tattoo, the ink used, and the skin condition and age of the client. On average, dermatologists at CNF recommend 8-10 or more sessions to eliminate permanent tattoos and at least 4-6 sessions to remove homemade tattoos at an interval of 6-8 weeks between each visit. While you can start seeing the tattoo fade slowly early on in the treatment, you should complete the recommended number of sessions to attain the best results.

At CNF, dermatologists apply a topical anaesthetic cream for 1-2 hours to numb the target area before starting the treatment. This helps alleviate discomfort during the procedure and ensures you enjoy a pain-free experience. However, you may feel a mild stinging sensation while undergoing the treatment.

Undergoing laser tattoo removal at CNF minimises the chances of scarring as our trained dermatologists use the advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology to perform the treatment with precision. However, some people may temporarily experience post-procedure hypopigmentation (loss of pigment) or hyperpigmentation (excess pigment), though the skin gradually regains its normal colour. This side effect depends on the skin and tattoo ink type, as the immune response differs for every individual.

Tattoo removal performed by experienced dermatologists at CNF using Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is a safe treatment option with no significant side effects. Generally, reports of side effects in laser tattoo removal remain marginal. However, some people may experience temporary redness, swelling and blisters after the session that may take a day or two to resolve. Use of unsafe ink in homemade tattoos or pre-existing skin diseases like herpes can sometimes interfere with your skin healing and cause mild scarring, but you need not worry as our qualified medical experts are adept at minimising the risk of side effects due to their holistic approach. During the initial consultation, they will record your medical history and skin condition and, going forward, customise your tattoo removal treatment plan accordingly.

Laser treatment can effectively remove most types of tattoos, especially those in black ink. While dark blue, red and warmer colours also respond well to the treatment. However, the results with white, yellow, green, orange, fluorescent or acrylic dyes are variable, and these tattoos may not disappear 100% as many unregulated inks are in popular use nowadays.

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