Best Non-Surgical Treatments For Hair Loss

Reverse Early Signs of Balding With Hair Regrowth Treatment

Balding is an aesthetic concern among people of all age groups, even those who are in their early 20s. It occurs because of increasing hair loss with aging. You can reverse early signs of balding with hair regrowth treatment. Our advanced solutions can treat hair thinning and loss.

Clinic Next Face can offer non-surgical hair regrowth treatment that helps you naturally regain your lost hair. We come with a team of skilled doctors who can understand your needs and suggest the right treatment. 

What Is Hair Loss And Balding?

Hair loss medically termed “alopecia”, may occur because of multiple factors, such as genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, poor lifestyle habits, chronic medical illness, and nutritional deficiency. It can occur in the various forms below: 

  • Excessive shedding of hair 

  • Loss of hair in the scalp partition, crown area, and temples 

  • Hair loss in circular patches 

  • Balding because of progressive thinning and shortening of hair cycle life 

You should consult our experts immediately to stop hair loss, prevent balding and regrow hair.

What is the Holistic Solution for Hair Loss?

You should consult our experts to do a proper diagnosis and identify the exact cause as multiple factors may be responsible for your hair loss. Our qualified doctor will conduct a detailed analysis and check your medical history to suggest an all-inclusive solution. Primary medical intervention helps in controlling hair fall and regrowing your hair. 

How Do We Diagnose Hair Loss?

Once you opt for our hair fall treatment at Clinic Next Face, you can expect the things below:

  • You will have to consult our hair experts who will thoroughly analyze your medical records, chorionicity, level of hair loss, health condition, lifestyle, and dietary habits, stress cases, and previous illnesses. 

  • Our skilled trichologists do trichoscopy with a specialized tool to check your scalp condition, hair quality, and hair fall severity. 

  • At Clinic Next Face, doctors may recommend a medical examination in the form of blood tests to check your hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiency.

Our hair specialists will customize a treatment plan depending on the detailed examination. 

What Are Our Treatment Options?

At Clinic Next Face, our hair experts can always deliver customized solutions, which may include the options below as a single or combination treatment:

  • Personalized hair care regimen depending on your hair type and scalp condition.

  • Dietary consultation to fix your nutritional deficiency (if any) can be a part of your hair loss treatment 

  • Topical or external application of solutions or sprays suggested by our dermatologists tend to control your hair loss 

  • Oral medications, including anti-androgens and vitamin supplements, maybe a good treatment option suggested by our dermatologists.

  • Hair regrowth treatment is a minimally invasive and virtually pain-free process. It works well for natural hair regrowth and is the best method to reverse the early stages of balding.

  • Advanced injections are performed by our hair specialists to treat certain hair loss conditions like alopecia areata.

Why Go For Our Hair Loss Treatment At The Clinic Next Face?

Here are the key reasons to opt for our hair loss treatment service: 

  • Safe, effective, protocol-driven, and non-surgical treatment with zero downtime 

  • Available advanced technologies and USFDA-approved equipment utilization to regrow your hair naturally

  • Experienced and s solid team of dermato-trichologists who customize solutions to treat all types of hair loss.

  • High-quality personalized treatment during and after treatment to ensure you get long-term results with no side effects.

  • All our clients can get happy because of our customized and dedicated service. 

Who is the Right Candidate?

A person above the age of 18 years can experience increased hair fall, and scalp issues, such as scaling,  itching, redness, premature balding, and hormonal imbalances causing hair loss is the right candidate for our non-surgical treatment. Visit our clinic soon if you are eligible for our non-surgical hair loss treatment. 

What Is The Additional Support You May Expect At The Clinic Next Face?

Here is the additional support you may expect at our clinic with the hair loss treatment: 


  • Suggesting a balanced diet 

  • Following a healthy lifestyle habit 

  • Choosing the right hair care regimen 


Why Clinic Next Face?

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Experienced in-house team of Certified Dermatologists, Nutritionists and Image Consultants.

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India's First Anti-Ageing Clinic which takes holistic approach to make you look and feel younger.

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We commit to provide customized treatments and setting right expectations before treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Loss Treatment

Our doctors at Clinic Next Face suggest six to eight sessions of hair regrowth treatment at monthly intervals to help you deliver the perfect results. We may also suggest minimum follow-up maintenance sessions. 

Our hair regrowth therapy is a fast process with zero downtime. Every session may continue for less than an hour on average.

Clinic Next Face has no massive side effects as our hair regrowth therapy is 100% safe. But, some clients may experience consistent discomfort and weight on their heads. Our dermatologist may use analgesic to relieve your discomfort. 

Hair Regrowth Therapy at our clinic is a non-surgical treatment, which involves no pain, cuts, or blood loss. But, you may experience little discomfort which you can tolerate.

Many clients can see results in the form of a reduced hair fall, an increase in hair density, and the starting of hair regrowth after finishing the third or fourth session of our hair regrowth therapy. 

Alternative and complementary medications, such as homeopathy and naturopathy, can prevent the side effects of advanced treatment. Clinic Next Face’s hair regrowth therapy retains your natural hair growth with no side effects. Plus, our focus on precise medical diagnosis ensures that we recommend the right and evidence-based treatment for hair fall.

Native medications, such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda, can prevent the side effects of extensive treatment. Our hair regrowth therapy restores natural hair growth without side effects.

The effectiveness of natural remedies for hair regrowth is not medically proven yet. If you have experimented with home remedies and haven’t achieved the desired results yet, we recommend you discuss your case with our skilled hair doctors as soon as possible.

Your overall health may deteriorate if you take hair fall supplements without consultation. You should consult our dermatologist before taking supplements to stop your hair fall.

Our specialists will revert to answer all your queries.


Experienced in-house team of Certified Dermatologists, Nutritionists and Image Consultants.

India's First Anti-Ageing Clinic which takes holistic approach to make you look and feel younger. ​

We commit to provide customized treatments and setting right expectations before treatments.​

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