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Back Acne Treatment in Bangalore

Around 9.4% of people live with back acne globally, which makes it one of the top 10 diseases in the world. 

Back acne is a common skin disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, with 70 to 85% of prevalence worldwide. Many patients with severe facial acne get back acne. However, this skin disorder is a little more common in men than in women.  The most common signs of back acne are inflammatory pustules, non-inflammatory comedones, nodules, and papules. Back acne develops mostly on your upper back going down to the shoulders, lower back, neck, and upper chest. 

Severe back acne can adversely affect your emotional health and your life. However, you can cure it with our advanced specialized treatment. At CNF in Bengaluru, our skilled dermatologist checks your back acne condition and suggests the right treatment accordingly. 

Causes of Back Acne

Back acne occurs like other types of zits because of clogged pores. Here are the key causes of back acne:

  • Genetics

Your skin tends to have pimples if your family has acne.

  • Hormonal Changes

Young people undergoing puberty and pregnant females tend to get acne breakouts with changes in hormone levels. 

  • Excess Sweat

When sweat traps between your skin and clothes, it clogs pores. Hyperhidrosis, excess sweating, is likely to cause back acne. 

  • Friction

Sports equipment, backpack, and clothes, which rub against your sweaty skin may cause or deteriorate back acne. 

  • Heavy Stress

Your body produces more cortisol when you are stressed. With the increase in cortisol levels, sebum production increases in your body. 

  • Unhygienic

Not washing your hair frequently may get you back acne when the oils from your hair rub against the back. Dirty clothes and sheets may also cause back acne. 

  • Wrong Skincare Products

Certain creams, lotions, and skin care products may clog pores and cause acne. 

  • Medications

Consuming drugs, like corticosteroids, may cause or worsen back acne. 

Types of Back Acne

Here are the different types of acne that may  occur on your back: 


A blackhead, also known as “open someone”, develops when a plugged follicle on your skin surface opens up. The black tip of blackheads is caused because of a reaction between air and sebum, and not because of dirt filling your follicle. 


Whiteheads, also called “closed comedones”, are when a closed plugged follicle stays under your skin and forms a white bump. 


A pustule, also known as a “pimple”, is a yellow/white pus-filled papule with a reddish base. Such lesions also develop due to clogged hair follicle inflammation. The accumulation of WBCs fills the pustule with pus. 


Papules are acne lesions that look like tiny bumps on your skin. They are tender sometimes and don’t contain forms and pus when clogged hair follicles get inflamed. 


Nodules develop when bacteria get trapped inside hair follicles. Such lesions form deep below your skin surface, where they harden and develop into big and painful nodules. The lesion’s deeper location causes tissue damage, which results in an inflammatory response. 


Cysts are big acne-filled with pus that form when bacteria get trapped in hair follicles. When you have cystic acne, the infection gets deep inside your skin, which causes a painful lump that leaves permanent scars. 


Professional Consultation

Professional consultation is recommended if you have severe back acne or OTC medications don’t work for your condition. At CNF in Bangalore, our highly experienced dermatologist will thoroughly check your back acne condition and then suggest the right treatment. We implement the latest techniques to treat all types of acne conditions. After thoroughly checking your back acne condition,  we personalize a treatment plan depending on your skin type. 

Available Treatments in CNF for Back Acne

Here are the types of treatments you can do in CNF to treat your back acne:

Topical Treatments


Topical treatments, such as cleaners and creams, can treat consistent acne breakouts. Such medications contain various types of acne-controlling ingredients. Topical retinoids prevent oil accumulation inside your skin pores and the formation of acne. Antibiotics cure bacterial infections, which cause acne breakouts, and treat red pimples and inflamed skin. As antibiotics can’t clear pores, our dermatologist often prescribes them with OTC benzoyl peroxide creams and topical retinoids. 


Isotretinoin (Accutane) treats severe acne and clears your skin. This medication can cure severe acne as it targets oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation. Our dermatologist prescribes the dose of isotretinoin depending on the severity of possible side effects you may experience. Some of the common side effects are chapped lips and dry skin, mouth, and nasal passages. Ensure to apply sunscreen lotion and cream before stepping outside in the sun. 


Laser therapy can treat your back acne quite faster than any other treatment method. Unlike laser therapy, back acne usually responds slower to prescribed medicines. Since the laser kills the acne-causing bacteria, it cleans the dirt from the pores and controls the extra oil production on your skin. Your acne clears acne faster and treats the acne scars more effectively. Your skin may take 3 to 10 days to renew itself post the treatment. 

Chemical Peels


Chemical peels diminish the appearance of acne marks and scars on your back. The peels also prevent the risks of developing acne on your back. Our dermatologist applies acids of different concentrations to reduce back acne and hyperpigmentation. The acid exfoliates your skin and removes your skin’s topmost layer, which removes the scarred and damaged skin. This treatment also unclogs pores, enhances skin texture, and evens out complexion. The peel-off starts in 7 to 14 days, which reveals a brighter skin tone. 



Microdermabrasion, a non-invasive treatment, exfoliates your skin’s outer layer. The exfoliation process unclogs pores, removes dead skin cells, and prevents the accumulation of acne-causing bacteria. Microdermabrasion increases collagen production, which fades acne scars and regenerates skin. It removes your skin’s outermost layer and reveals a smoother skin. This treatment is usually painless and needs no downtime. You may experience little sensitivity and redness immediately after the treatment. Avoid sun exposure for at least 2 days after the treatment. 

DermaPen Microneedling


Dermapen Microneedling Back Acne Treatment in Bangalore

Dermapen microneedling causes an array of channels/wounds in your dermis at a restricted depth. Once your skin starts healing, it boosts collagen production and emits growth factors, which help in controlling acne breakouts. With collagen and elastin production, your skin gets thicker and enhances skin texture. Since Dermapen microneedling works like a resurfacing active acne treatment, the needle-created microchannels are usable to pass Vitamin A creams, which control the acne symptoms. You may get results in 6 weeks post the first session. The best results are visible in 3 months. 

Post Back Acne Treatment Maintenance 

After getting a back acne treatment, you should follow proper skin care maintenance to prevent it further. Here are the tips you should follow to control and prevent back acne:

  • Use a light cleanser and non-comedogenic moisturizer on your skin. 
  • Apply SPF cream and lotion to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Wash your clothes, mainly the tightly fitted ones, like bras/binders. 
  • Wash pillowcases, towels, and bed liners every day. 
  • Avoid carrying things that rub against your back, like backpacks.
  • Exercise wearing loosely fitted clothes made of natural fibers, like cotton.
  • Take a shower and change clothes immediately after working out.
  • Wash workout attire and equipment after every use. 
  • Follow-up appointments so our dermatologist can modify your treatment plan as and when required. 

Are you suffering from severe back acne and want to get rid of it? Book an appointment with our dermatologist today. Once you visit our clinic in Bengaluru, we will examine your skin and suggest the right treatment accordingly. 

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