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Top Treatments For Acne Scars And Pimple Marks!

Best Professional Solutions To Reduce Acne Scars And Get Spotless Skin!

Most people suffer from acne at some point in their lives.  Even though your breakouts subside, they tend to leave behind permanent scars. All grades of acne leave scars, if not treated on time. Some blemishes may lighten a bit themselves. However, most of them require advanced acne scar removal treatment for a significant reduction. 

Want to get the best professional solutions to remove acne scars and pimple marks? Visit our clinic to get flawless skin. 

Why Should You Opt For Our Professional Acne Scar Removal Treatment?

People tend to pick on acne with the hope of getting rid of them. However, picking can deteriorate your skin condition and cause deep acne scars. You can experiment with home remedies or OTC products to control acne as it can further irritate your inflamed skin and aggravate pimples, causing recurrence and permanent scars. 

Acne scars occur mainly because of excessive collagen production after your breakout subsides. Plus, your skin may get dark patches or marks because of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As acne scars are usually stubborn, they hardly fade away. Our professional solution can always be the perfect solution to get back your spotless skin when self-care methods don’t work.

Once you consult our dermatologist, we can personalize your treatment depending on your skin and scar type, size, and the criticality of the condition. We offer advanced scar removal treatment for all grades (mild, moderate, and severe) and types of acne scars below:

  • Rolling scars with light-sloping edges 
  • Boxcar scars with sharp corners 
  • Ice pick or deep acne scars that appear like big open pores 
  • Macular erythematous scars with flat and pigmented looks 
  • Hypertrophic scars that are raised or bumpy acne scars 

At Clinic Next Face, you can opt for the best acne scar removal treatments for all these types of scars. 

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Conditions treated

Atrophic Acne Scars

Hypertrophic Acne Scars

Rolling Scars

Boxcar Scars

Ice Pick Scars

Advanced Acne Scar Removal Treatment At CNF 

We offer a wide variety of advanced acne scar removal treatments. They help in significantly diminishing all kinds of acne scars that may appear on your face and other body parts, chest, upper arms, and upper back. Our skilled medical team may suggest these treatment options below as a singular or combination procedure depending on your skin condition to deliver you the desired results: 

Intralesional Injections 

Our skin experts may give specialized corticosteroid injections to flatten your raised hypertrophic/keloid scars. The injections help to visibly decrease the size and criticality of the scars. 

Laser Toning 

Our skilled dermatologists use state-of-the-art laser technologies in the form of Q- Switched Nd: YAG laser to cure post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which occurs because of acne and gives you an even skin tone. It is a very effective treatment to minimize macular erythematous scars, which look red and flat. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing 

This laser treatment for acne scar removal at our clinic involves the implementation of a cutting-edge fractionated Erbium YAG laser. Our proficient dermatologists perform pixel laser resurfacing treatment to leave controlled micro-injuries in the scarred tissue for proper acne scar revision. 

Laser skin resurfacing helps in stimulating collagen production and decreases the appearance of rolling acne scars and boxcars. The painless process with the application of numbing cream, which takes less than 2 hours to give you a rejuvenated look as it visibly reduces blemishes. 

Dermapen Microneedling

Acne scars contain fibrous tissues caused due to damages in skin. Dermapen makes little micro punctures on your skin that your body considers mild wounds, which boosts collagen production in your skin. Collagen breaks the fibrous tissues and replaces them with normal tissues, which gives you a blemish-free and rejuvenated skin. The total number of required Dermapen microneedling sessions depends on the type and thickness of acne scars. 5 to 6 sessions may be required in 5 to 6 months for deeper acne scars. The results may show up in 1.5 months after the session. However, the best results are visible after 3 months of the session. 


Our skin specialists perform this minimal invasive scar removal procedure painlessly. They use local anesthesia and then use mini needles to release the adhesions below the tethered rolling scars. Subcision treatment for scar revision helps in minimizing the appearance of acne scars and enhances the overall skin texture. 

Chemical Peels

Our medical experts may recommend the application of various concentrations of different chemical peels for removing your acne scars depending on their type and severity. Such plant-based extracts help in exfoliating the damaged skin layers, boost collagen production, and reveal flawless skin from underneath. It is a method that is mainly beneficial to minimize macular erythematous acne scars. 

TCA Cross Peel

Our medical professionals may recommend you use various concentrations of the trichloroacetic acid solution to chemically reconstruct acne scars. This peeling procedure helps in treating ice pick scars and involves the focal usage of TCA Cross peel with a toothpick. The consequent increase in the collagen levels of the scarred skin visibly reduces your acne scars.

Why Choose Our Clinic Next Face For Acne Scar Removal Treatment?

Here are the key reasons to choose us for acne scar removal treatment:

  • A skilled team of dermatologists who specialize in diminishing all types of acne scars
  • Commendable track record of successful treatment procedures
  • Cutting-edge USFDA-approved technology implementation
  • Follow strict protocols and deliver world-class services
  • Extended support for pre and post-care to diminish side effects and improve outcomes
  • Trusted by clients with high ratings in the industry
  • State-of-the-art facilities to protect the privacy and comfort of clients throughout the treatment
  • High-quality custom care that ensures visible results

What Is The Procedure Of Acne Scar Removal Treatment At The Clinic Next Face?

Here are the steps we take for acne scar removal treatment at our clinic: 

  • Consult our skilled dermatologist personally
  • Perform a detailed diagnosis with a  DermaScan screening, which examines your skin and scar type. It also  evaluated the severity of your skin condition
  • Personalize your treatment plan after our dermatologist carefully chooses the right methods and decides the required number of sessions to deliver the desired results 
  • Prepare a treatment following pre-care instructions and patch test to diminish side-effects 
  • Follow a process that takes place according to the planned schedule and time interval. You can have a smooth and pain-free experience 
  • Offer extended post-care support to deliver the desired results and get long-term satisfaction

How to Get Started With the Acne Scar Treatment at Clinic Next Face?

You can book an appointment online or by calling us. Our customer care representatives will book an appointment with our skilled dermatologist at your preferred time and location. 

Clinic Next Face aims to redefine skincare quality and deliver advanced dermatology solutions.

Talk To Our Acne Experts Today!

No Obligations! Just jump on a quick call with our acne expert and know what kind of treatment will suit you the best.

Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your skin goals faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Yes, we treat severe acne. Our professionals can treat your mild, moderate, and stubborn acne, including whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, papules, and pustules.

You can see a visible enhancement in your skin after your second or third session. The results improve as the treatment advances. You are required to finish four to six sessions at an interval of two to four weeks to deliver the desired results that vary on your acne severity.

You will get long-term but not permanent outcomes if you follow all our post-procedure instructions. However, the results depend on the criticality of your acne scar condition before treatment. You may require a few maintenance sessions to extend the efficiency of this procedure if you have severe acne.

We follow all precautions to mitigate risks and increase your comfort during the treatment. Our experts are properly trained to use cutting-edge  USFDA-approved technology and follow international safety guidelines to perform personalized treatment. Our strict protocols limit the side effects related to advanced treatments. Our doctors give dedicated post-care support to quickly eliminate any discomfort.

Our laser treatment for acne scars has no side effects. You may experience a little discomfort, such as transient swelling, mild redness, and skin peeling after the session. Our dermatologist can ask you to apply topical antibacterial cream, sunscreen, and moisturizer to manage everything effectively. We may share post-care instructions that you should follow dedicatedly to minimize downtime.

The mildest acne can cause permanent scars if you leave them untreated. You should consult our dermatologist to prevent the degradation of your skin condition and associated sequelae.

At Clinic Next Face, our medical experts understand the requirement for extended pre and post-care to deliver the desired results. We may suggest the tips below:


Follow a daily skin-care routine. Use a non-comedogenic cleanser, moisturizer, and broad-spectrum sunscreen. Avoid salon procedures, home remedies, and active creams (AHA creams and topical retinoids) before the session.


Don’t stay over-exposed to the sun, apply the right skincare products, and exercise every day for a minimal duration. Avoid steam, sauna, or salon services for the recommended period.

Our specialists will revert to answer all your queries.


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