Under eye treatment cost in bangalore

Cost of Under-Eye Treatment in Bangalore

Under-eye treatment is getting popular among people in Bangalore and across India who want to get rid of their dark circles, puffy eyes, and eye bags. As the treatment is safe and non-invasive and delivers noticeable results, many people are choosing it over surgeries that may injure tissues. 

Even though under-eye treatment seems to be expensive, it is quite affordable, which is also one of the reasons behind its soaring popularity. The cost of under-eye treatment is worth the results. 

5 Causes of Dark Circles 

Here are the 5 key causes of dark circles: 

  1. Hollowness 

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Hollowness under the eyes can be an individual or concurrent issue with puffy under-eye bags. Hollow under eyes, commonly known as the troughs due to their depth and position in your face is an issue suffered from the lack of volume under your eye area. Hollowness is a lack of fat below your eyes with thin lower eyelid skin also a contributing factor. Your under-eye hollows can be a genetic or aging-related concern of diminishing fat and soft tissues as you get older. The volume loss under your eyes sank the under-eye area. Once light hits the concave part, it gets absorbed, which creates a shadow effect. 


  • PlasmoDerm Treatment (Mild cases)
  • Bio-filler (Moderate cases)
  • Tear Through Filler ( Severe Cases)

2. Excess Skin 


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The muscles and tissue structures supporting your eyelids weaken with aging. Your skin may start to sag and fat surrounding your eyes can transfer to the under-eye area. Plus, the space below your eyes may gather fluid, which makes the area look swollen or puffy. As extra skin folds itself, it forms wrinkles, which look darker than the surrounding skin. 


  • Botox (Mild cases)
  • PlasmoDerm + Botox (Moderate cases)
  • Bio-filler + Botox (Severe cases)

3. Thin Skin 

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The skin surrounding the eyes is usually thinner than the other parts of your face as it doesn’t contain subcutaneous fat and has several collagen and oil glands. Thus, the skin under your eyes appears a little drier and tends to develop fine lines. Your skin gets older, drier, and thinner with aging. The blood vessels and underlying tissues get visible and make the under-eye area look darker. 


  • Peels for collagen stimulation (Mild cases)
  • Peels + PlasmoDerm (Moderate Cases) 
  • Peels + BioFiller (Severe Cases) 

4. Dark Pigmentation 

Dark Pigment 3

The skin under our eyes is darker than other parts of our face, maybe due to excess melanin production. Aging around your eyes causes periorbital hyperpigmentation, puffiness, swelling, wrinkles, and fine lines. The dark discoloration seen with dark circles under your eyes tends to affect the upper eyelids because of melanin, a skin pigment’s excess deposition. The “panda effect” makes you look tired and stressed. 


  • Peel + Homecare (Mild cases)
  • Laser toning (Moderate)
  • PlasmoDerm + Laser toning (Severe cases) 

5. Lack of Bone Support 

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Our face bone structure changes with aging. The fourteen facial bones lose density the same way other bones in your body. When bones lose density, they shrink and reduce support to the more visible parts of your face,  which creates bigger stare sockets. The lack of bone support, sun damage, and lymphatic drainage issues store water and accumulate fat in the under-eye area. 


  • Lymphatic drainage + PlasmoDerm (Mild cases)
  • Lymphatic drainage + Bio-filler (Moderate cases)
  • Surgery/HA fillers (Severe cases)

Available Under-Eye Treatments at CNF

Here are the types of under-eye treatment you can avail of at CNF:

PlasmoDerm Treatment 

PlasmoDerm treatment is a 100% natural way to decrease extra pigmentation, plump up the under-eye area, and smoother crepey skin. PRF injection, the advanced PRP treatment, uses your body’s platelets to enhance skin tone and texture. The new blood vessels supply fresh nutrients which give a healthy glow to the under-eye skin. The unwanted fat calls in your under-eye area burn away that give you smoother skin. At CNF, we give PRF injections 

under your eyes to fix dark circles, tear troughs, skin texture, and other concerns. 


Our doctor injects botox in your under-eye area which prevents muscle movement and helps you relax. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and repetitive movement that causes wrinkles. Such injections block certain chemical signals from nerves that can trigger muscle contractions. It prevents wrinkles and frown lines by blocking facial muscles’ chemical reactions. The Botox injection under your eyes prevents the whole muscle from developing wrinkles. Botox injection is done into the lower lid with a mini needle, whose effect stays for 3 to 4 months. 

Chemical Peel 

A chemical peel is a safe treatment for dark circles, under-eye puffiness, and wrinkles. We apply the peel topically to diminish and remove the pigmentation and signs of aging. It blurs the pigmentation surrounding your eyes and boosts cell turnover and blood circulation. You can see a significant improvement in the under-eye area depending on the criticality of your condition and the number of sessions. 

Laser Treatment

We apply a laser light beam on your skin surface to remove dark circles and wrinkles caused due to aging. Our laser procedure can help in resurfacing and tightening the skin under your eyes. The laser reduces hyperpigmentation and stimulates skin tissues’ rejuvenation by tossing light and heat on the target area.

Bio Filler

We inject bio filler to treat wrinkles and fine lines and rejuvenate under-eye areas that have lost volume. The treatment also acquires bio-stimulation with stem cells and growth factors. It stimulates collagen production in your skin and helps support and retain connecting tissues, adding volume to the under-eye area.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers 

The injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) treatments, such as Juvederm and Restylane, can treat volume loss and dark under-eye area. Being minimally invasive and non-surgical, HA fillers are an effective solution to remove wrinkles, under-eye hollowed-out look, and dark circles that give a soft and natural look to your eyes. 

Starting Cost of Under-Eye Treatment in Bangalore 

The cost of under-eye treatment depends on the area and the required number of syringes. The amount of filler to be injected depends on your under-eye area condition and hollows. At Clinic Next Face, you can consult our experts who can check your under-eye condition and then suggest the right treatment accordingly. Our under-eye treatment in Bangalore starts from Rs 4500/- plus taxes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Glutathione Injection

There are several factors that can contribute to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Here are a few of the most common causes:

  1. Genetics: Dark circles can be hereditary, meaning that they may be passed down from parents to children.

  2. Age: As we age, the skin around our eyes thins and loses collagen and elastin, which can make blood vessels more visible and lead to the appearance of dark circles.

  3. Lack of sleep: A lack of sleep can cause the skin to become dull and pale, which can make dark circles more noticeable.

  4. Allergies: Allergies can cause inflammation and swelling, which can lead to the appearance of dark circles.

  5. Dehydration: When the body is dehydrated, it can cause the skin to become dry and dull, which can make dark circles more noticeable.

  6. Sun exposure: Overexposure to the sun can cause the skin to produce more melanin, which can lead to the appearance of dark circles.

  7. Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as anemia, thyroid problems, or eczema, can cause the appearance of dark circles.

It’s important to keep in mind that some people may be more prone to dark circles than others, and there may be multiple factors contributing to their appearance.

If you have persistent dark circles that don’t seem to improve with lifestyle changes or over-the-counter remedies, it may be time to see a dermatologist for an evaluation.

Our specialists will revert to answer all your queries.


Experienced in-house team of Certified Dermatologists, Nutritionists and Image Consultants.

India's First Anti-Ageing Clinic which takes holistic approach to make you look and feel younger. ​

We commit to provide customized treatments and setting right expectations before treatments.​

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