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12 steps to have attractive face.

12 Simple Steps for Having a More Attractive Face


  • Maintain correct body fat: Healthy body fat levels, particularly around the jawline, contribute to facial attractiveness and definition.
  • Take beta-carotene supplementation: Beta-carotene enhances skin complexion, providing a natural glow, and mitigates the damaging effects of excessive tanning.
  • Avoid popping pimples: Prevents permanent scarring and maintains skin tone homogeneity, enhancing facial attractiveness.
  • Keep eye sclera white: White sclera enhances eye attractiveness, indicating health; proper care and lifestyle habits maintain sclera color.
  • Choose hairstyles and sideburns wisely: Hairstyles and sideburns should complement facial proportions, balancing features and enhancing attractiveness.

Everyone wants to have an attractive and glowing face. Improper skincare, aging and consistent exposure to harmful UV rays gradually damage your skin and make you look dull. Your skin tends to get dull as you grow older, however , you can still retain the natural glow and attractiveness in your face. Are you wondering how you can get a more attractive face? Follow these below easy and effective 12 steps:

  1. Maintain the Correct Body Fat

The right amount of body fat can give you a nicely shaped and attractive face. You should maintain a healthy body fat percentage to look athletic with a more attractive face. The body fat percentage should range from 8 to 17% (approximately 12% is the most desirable) in males and 15 to 25% in females. 

body fat indices

The correct amount of body fat defines your facial features, mainly near your jawline. Your face automatically gets more attractive with a more defined jawline.The underdrawal or mental region will look firmer than before. Plus, your eyes will also look slightly bigger as the width of your face decreases. 

greater jaw line

    1. Increase Beta-Carotene Rich Foods

As they say , “What you eat shows on your skin”. Your diet largely impacts your skin quality. Thus, you should follow a healthy diet, including the best foods and supplements, to have glowing skin. Add beta carotene supplementation to your diet as it adds a golden glow to your skin and enhances the complexion. Betacarotene’s golden glow in skin looks much more attractive than the tan caused due to sun exposure and melanin concentrations.  Excessive tanning damages your skin and leaves permanent aging effects. With tanning, you can’t achieve the desired  glowing skin. 

beta carotene supplements not for smokers

Taking 12 to 18 mg of Beta Carotene a day can gradually add a glow to your skin. Avoid taking Beta-Carotene supplements if you are a cigarette smoker. Scientists predicted a significant increase in the risk of cancer among people who don’t smoke. According to them, Beta-Carotene supplementation can combat the risks of suffering from cancer. 

Beta carotene mg per day

    1. Stop Touching and Popping Pimples 

When pimples keep occurring, people tend to get irritated and pop them with the hope of getting a clear skin and look better. However, popping pimples may cause PIH or permanent scars that can make your face look unattractive. Popping pimples to heal skin may produce excess collagen and develop a thick bumpy scar, known as the keloid or hypertrophic scar. Plus, loss of tissues occur beneath your skin, which causes a more atrophic or depressed scar. So, work on brightening your skin tone and enhance its homogeneity.

homogeneous smooth skin is more attractive

The facial attractiveness in males and females depends a lot on the complexion. Hemoglobin and melanin distribution affects skin homogeneity. The homogenous complexion hides the aging effects on your skin and makes you look younger than your age. Try to decrease the redness on your skin and avoid touching your face to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. Apply astringents to calm down your skin and brightening agents to reduce the appearance of sunspots and hyperpigmentation.  

    1. Keep Eye Sclera White

The facial attractiveness depends a lot on your eyes color, shape and size as they cover the top portion of your face. The white the sclera, the more beautiful the eyes. You look more attractive and healthier when your escalars are noticeably broad. Reddish or yellowish eye sclera makes you look ill and suffering from jaundice. So, ensure your sclera always looks white. 

healthy sclera

unhealthy eyes

Avoid using irritants on your eyes to prevent the redness and yellowness of sclera. Take the right vitamins and supplements every day and  sleep enough for 7 to 9 hours every night to keep eye sclera white. Quit smoking and alcohol drinking as they can make your eye sclera look yellowish or reddish. Plus,you should always follow a proper diet to maintain the right visual proportions and a healthy body. 

Screenshot 2024 04 03 125108

    1. Get a Hairstyle Suited to Your Facial Proportions

Hairstyles can enhance your look to a large extent. However, all hairstyles don’t look good on everyone. So, you should get a hairstyle that suits your facial proportions and enhance your face. The upper mid and lower third portion of your face must be in normal proportion. The hair and beard styles in men should make the upper third in the right proportion with the rest of the facial portion. Plus, your hairstyle should depend on your facial shape. It boosts the harmony of your face when it appears too short or too long. 

find a hairstyle that works for you

Try not to extend the top of your hair if you have a long face. This can be a more voluminous hair for females, which adds noticeable width to your face. As males usually have shorter hair, they should prioritize improving balance to their faces rather than voluming a haircut, which makes the temporal portions appear too broad. 

for curlier hair shorter length hair is good option

A shorter hair lengtn suits men having currier hair textures. The top portion of your face may look heavy and lack balance. Keep getting different hairstyles to understand what suits your face shape and achieve proportional balance. Your hair may look voluminous when it drizzles, has curls and is of shorter length. Straight hair may not be able to get the voluminous look if your ears are extremely laterally outward. Layers cut in long hair can make your face look more attractive if you have a big forehead. 


    1. Use Sideburns

Like hairstyle, you can use sideburns correctly to make your face look more attractive. Sideburns look stylish,  frame  your face and make your jawline look prominent if you have a long face. Thicker and longer sideburns always look better in males than females. However, females can always look good in  longer sideburns if their jaws don’t have the right structure and sharp definition. 

tragus sidehairs

The height near the length of your sideburns matters a lot in terms of your facial attractiveness. Sideburns that finish just above the tragus usually tend to make  your jaw appear longer. Ensure your sideburns are never be too high as that makes your face appear odd. 

types of sideburns

Moreover, sideburns may make your jaw look narrower than people without them. Your cheekbones appear broader if you have a wide jaw. Thicker sideburns can always help in balancing facial proportions, and add charn to your face. 

thicker sideburns help balance a wider jaw

    1. Increase Eye Averageness

Increase eye averageness as that helps to increase the conception of averageness in the face via illusion. Your eyebrows should always be nicely trimmed. Both should have  a little distance between them if your eyes are closer to each other. 

illusion averageness

The eyebrows tend to extend by the inner corners of your eyes. You can initiate your eyebrows at or also by the interior portion of your eyes if both of  your eyes are closed. You should always try keep increasing your eye averageness to make your face look attractive. 

    1. Shape Your Eyebrow Thickness Perfectly

The perfect thickness of eyebrows is crucial to make your face look attractive. Shaping eyebrow thickness is one of the easiest ways to boost your sex appeal.

perfect thickness of eyebrows

The most preferable medium eyebrow thickness for both genders at 25 of the eye width. The healthiest looking eyebrow thickness can be at 33.

eyebrows should'nt be more thick or thin

Your eyebrows shouldn’t be too thick or thin. The thinner eyebrows at 20 are considered to be the sexiest looking depending on your desires. Thinner eyebrows can be a great option unless they are extremely thin. 

    1. Fix Underbite or Overbite

Correct facial underbite and overbite can always help you in enhancing your facial attractiveness. A class 2 or class 3 of an underbite or overbite jaw occlusion can destroy the looks and shape of your facial side profile. 

correct underbite or overbiteVisit a dentist or orthodontist to correct your underbite or overbite. An orthognathic surgery can significantly boost the coinopholic averageness of the face. The corrective surgeries can change your bone structure , which enhances your face.  

    1. Whiten Your Teeth

White and clean teeth can make you look attractive, well-maintained and healthy. If you open your mouth and people can see your yellow teeth,  it immediately creates a poor impression on them. Nowadays, younger people give more value to white teeth. Avoid consuming coffee, other drinks and foods that may stain your teeth. You can also get whiter teeth by consulting a professional or undergoing teeth whitening treatments. 

Details aesthetics for white teeth

According to studies, white teeth , which look natural with a little bit off-white color, can boost your facial attractiveness. However, ensure your teeth don’t get extremely white since it looks unnatural. So, get teeth whitening done by a reputed expert for the desired results. 

    1. Cure Acne 

Acne can worsen your skin and leave scars after they are gone, which makes your face look unattractive. Cure the acne as it gives you a clear skin and can increase the attractiveness of your face. Keloid scars may form on your skin during the excess collagen  production when healing.

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Many people having acne, mostly the teenage youth adolescent generation , can more or less treat their skin issue by consulting a cosmetic doctor. Proper skin care and subliminal massage can fully cure your acne. 

accutane can eleiminate acne for life in more cases

Accutane, a powerful vitamin and derivative can diminish acne forever. Results can be visible in 2 months. People with severe acne can get clear skin in 6 to 12 months. Acne doesn’t have a quick solution and thus, it should be treated effectively with doctor’s proper guidance. 

clear skin in 6 to 12 months

    1. Change Your Sagittal Head Tilt

Your head position affects the attractiveness of your face and entire body. Thus, you should alter the sagittal head as it enhances your facial aesthetics. A downward sagittal head tilt in linear direction can make your face look better than before. Plus, eyes with lower eyelid bags always look the best in terms of beauty along with a neutral head tilt. Little bit head down tilting can adds an exceptional angular visual attractiveness to your eyes.  

head position affects

difference between head positionsBesides making your face look more attractive,  head down tilting can also significantly  reduce the appearance of your eye bags. A neutral head position may increase your facial attractiveness if you have periocular or prominent eye bags. It can also reduce the appearance of other aesthetic concerns, like dark circles. Plus,  you get a flawless skin that makes your face look better than before. 

head position attractive graph

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Dr. Praharsh Devraj

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