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Most Important Facial Features Of Attractive-Looking Faces

10 Most Important Facial Features Of Attractive-Looking Faces.


  • Attractive facial features play a significant role in creating a favorable impression and boosting confidence in social interactions.
  • While various facial features contribute to attractiveness, some key ones include lips, teeth, skin, hair, cheekbones, nose, face shape, eyebrows, eyes, and jawline.
  • Lips and teeth, although less prominent, still contribute to facial aesthetics, with fuller lips and well-maintained teeth often considered attractive.
  • Skin health, including smoothness, hydration, and absence of acne, enhances overall facial attractiveness, reflecting youth and vitality.
  • Hair, cheekbones, nose shape, and face symmetry also influence facial appeal, while eyebrows, eyes, and jawline are considered among the most crucial features for attractiveness. 

Our faces are always visible no matter where we go. Human beings rarely cover their faces and thus, want them to look attractive without any flaws. An attractive looking face helps you to create a good impression on others, stand out in a crowd and even attract the best career opportunities. But what are the most important facial features of attractive-looking faces?

Here you will get to know the best 10 attractive facial features depending on scientific literature. The importance of facial features tends to vary from person to person, by gender, ethnicity, and environmental factors.

Check the list below of the most crucial attractive facial features: 

Top 10 important facial features

10  Your Lips

your Lips-clinic next face

Lips can be the least important facial feature to make you look attractive. Your face won’t look unattractive unless your lips are too thin, dark or dull. Aesthetic treatments, such as lip fillers, botox, blush and implants, are trending to get fuller, plump and lighter lips. However, getting those treatments done aren’t necessary as lips aren’t that noticeable at first as they belong to the lower portion of your face. Plus, lips are only one of the isolated facial features for most of the face unlike some others that combine with other facial features. Still, females desire to have voluminous, proportional, and nicely shaped lips. 

Screenshot 2024 04 02 104247

Disproportionate or overly full lips concerning the lower third of your face can make you look unattractive. However, you won’t look ugly. The Cupid’s Bow has been a desirable facial feature as it adds harmony to lips and improves their shape. Lips have ethnic variations in terms of sizes and shapes. Thus, a specific lip shape isn’t the universal beauty standard. Lips because of their variations can never have a big impact on your face. Nowadays, many Instagram models glorify how lip fillers boost their attractiveness. However, the results sometimes can ruin their overall look. So, you can avoid aesthetic treatments and use lip rejuvenation balm every day to keep them in good condition. 

Screenshot 2024 04 02 104001

9. Your Teeth

Your teeth

Your teeth and dental health are the ninth most significant facial features to look attractive. Smile is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and expressive facial characteristics. Teeth are an ornamental display and a rich source of genetic and environmental information about your face and health. 

Bad teeth can be stained, yellow, crooked or even decaying. Besides being an aesthetic concern, bad teeth also cause unpleasant breath. It has several negative aspects unlike other facial features, like lips. 

Screenshot 2024 04 02 104930

You can still have an attractive face with unpleasant teeth that aren’t pearly white and crystal clear. The yellowing of your teeth makes you look less attractive. Chipped, crooked, or yellow teeth can never make or break your facial attractiveness. You can always keep your mouth closed if you feel insecure about your bad teeth. Plus, it doesn’t leave any permanent effect on your face aesthetics. 

8. Your Skin

Skin treatment in bangalore

Healthy skin is crucial to look attractive. Thus, this largest organ in your body is the eighth most important facial feature. Acne transformations are visible, mainly after undergoing Accutane, however they aren’t as necessary as some other factors are more aesthetically important. Curing severe acne removes a glow to your face as pimples reduce the aesthetics of your facial features, such as nose, eyes, and jawline.

Best skin treatment in bangalore 

Acne-prone skin hides the underlying bone framework by distracting people’s attention towards the acne scars, nodules, and redness of blemishes or pustules. It also gives an unhealthy appearance and detracts eyes from your best facial features if your skin is full of acne. Dry or sun-damaged skin doesn’t make or break facial attractiveness. A few pimples won’t decrease your attractiveness. However, you should always maintain your skin as it reflects youth. 

Drinking 3-4 liters of water every day, and applying sunscreen and other regiments, like Retin-A gives you a smooth, homogenous, and consistent glowing skin tone that makes your face look attractive.  Plus, you can always apply foundation and concealer to hide little imperfections and flaunt flawless skin. You can also visit the best skin clinic near you for a consutation with the skin expert. 

7. Your Hair

Hair Treatment in bangalore

For males and females alike hair is highly underrated when it’s about looking attractive. So, it ranks in the seventh position in the list of top 10 most important attractive facial features.

Balding or losing hair is a big distraction for males‘ facial attractiveness. Hairstyle, length, and volume in females affect facial attractiveness. Medium and long-length hair can make women look attractive. People who can afford long hair maintenance have good genetic and phenotypic qualities. Long hair involves both health and social costs.Thus, hair is a vital but not the most significant facial feature. 

Hair reflects your health, usefulness, and fertility. A poor hairstyle can change your face proportions. A top-heavy hairstyle can make your long face appear even longer. However, it also reflects your personality and style sense. The facial hair in men adds certain extra masculinity but it doesn’t make or break your looks. Many actors and models look attractive even with gray hair. With the right hairstyle, you can look more presentable.

Unkempt hair can make you less presentable and attractive. Hair plays a dominant role in the aesthetics of people who lack the bone framework of runway models. It does certain facial adjustments which make you look better than before. 

6. Your Cheekbones

Face treatment in bangalore

Cheekbones, also called the “zygomatic bones”, are the sixth most vital feature in your face. They sit close to your eyes and add support to the mid face and make you appear more youthful when they are higher and simultaneously having extremely sharp sculpted or hollow cheeks. Cheekbones aren’t necessary to have an attractive face as lower less defined ones can make anyone look good.

super facial traits

You should work on sharpening your cheekbones but they don’t need to look extremely sharp. They lift your face and make you look more striking. Thus, the cheekbones are an important but not a prerequisite facial feature. Some other facial features, like lips, are more significant than cheekbone prominence when it comes to facial attractiveness. They are also considered to be important like the lips as both of them are identifiable. 

5. Your Nose

Nose treatment in bangalore

Everyone wants to have a sharp nose as it attracts a lot of attention. Nose ranks as the fifth most important facial feature. Women tend to consider it as a crucial feature for a visually pleasing face. The attractiveness of your nose depends on various things, such as nasal top projection, how far out the nose sticks the nasal tip shape, the bulbousness and the nasal base width. When it comes to the attractiveness of the nose, it can be of various shapes. A specific nose size doesn’t fit all types of faces. However, most attractive faces have at least an acceptable nose that is within normality for their general population.

Screenshot 2024 04 02 110837

An average-looking nose can make you look good unless it is too large/small or crazy. You can look good as long as your nose is not deformed or broken. None of the shapes is perfect for a nose and thus, this organ can’t make or break your face. However, you can sense a very high level of sensitivity when the nose is disproportionate.

Thus, it’s perfectly positioned at fifth rank. It’s not too important but not to be ignored either along those same lines as long as your nose isn’t overly deviant from your ethnic specific nose shape. Your nose should harmonize  well with your face when it’s deviant. Your nose is very noticeable because it is dead center in the middle of your face. Most attractive faces do have wood noses but the fact that noses can be of various shapes and sizes makes you look good. 

4. Your Face Shape

Face aesthetics in bangalore

You can see extremely attractive faces with all types of shapes across the world, which means it won’t supersede some of the other features on this list that are more important and less negotiable on diversity. The shape of your face plays a predominant role in making you look attractive. Thus, face shape ranks at the 4th position in the list of the top 10 attractive facial features. Face shapes in this particular context mainly refer to the facial index clinical definition, i.e., the face length related to its width.

Plus, it also considers the relative width of the facial thirds – the upper, the middle, and the lower third portions.  All the different types of face shapes, such as oval, square, short, long, medium, and heart, stem from the two general dimensions. They don’t matter more because all those categories have attractive faces. The facial index matters as it means the face is attractive with a proportionate shape.

The face looks neither too short, too long, nor too narrow, forehead or jawline that’s not too bulbous. Your face should be 1.35 times longer than it is wide for men and 1.3 times longer for women which is the population average that you see all across the world and you find the most attractive faces around this range. .  Some exceptions like Jordan Barrett, the male model who has a very wide face in line with the concept of facial averages

Facial index

The bi-temporal or forehead width and biconical or dual width should also be around this similar width of your cheekbones that are usually approximately 80 to 90 % do not appear too wide or narrow. Various face shapes can be quite attractive and thus, there is some variability. The general rule is that most beautiful people have a pleasant face shape, which makes it a highly important factor on the list because it does frame the entirety of your face and facial features.

3. Eyebrows- Eyelashes- Eyebrow Bridge


Your eyebrows, eyelashes, and general eyebrow ridge are the third most important facial features to give you an attractive face. All these facial features tend to correlate with each other in terms of giving expressions. As mentioned earlier, the cheekbones’ prominence is the least important facial feature. Eyebrow thickness is a more prominent facial feature than cheekbone prominence. It is a vertical thickness of eyebrows. An attractive eyebrow has many other parts such as its shape, color, density and position. 

Screenshot 2024 04 02 111541

Eyebrow thickness is as important as face shape and supersedes cheekbone prominence in terms of their visual appeal and capturing people’s attention. As dark eyelashes look attractive, they rank high on the list of  top 10  important facial features. Women apply mascara to enhance their eye lashes and brows for looking attractive. They significantly improve the visual attractiveness of your eyebrows. The glabella portion is not fully distinguishable from eyebrows as they sit on eyebrow ridge. 

Feminine brow ridge

The inherent bone in your eyes affects your attractiveness. Your eyes are more deep settled, which are more usually considered attractive for males and to some extent for females too. The eyebrow bridge is a more sexually dimorphic facial feature where males tend to have much more prominent eyebrow ridges. Sexual dimorphism is important. Eye brow ridges affect how feminine or masculine your face looks depending on your gender. 

2. Your Eyes

Attractive eyes treatment in bangalore

Anyone would look into your eyes when talking. Thus, the more beautiful your eyes are, the more attractive your face looks. Eyes are the second most significant facial feature for your facial attractiveness. Some people even consider it as the most important feature of facial aesthetics. Beautiful eyes with nicely shaped eyebrows can make your entire eye portion and face look stunning. In this case, your eyes refer to the space between eyes, their color, shape, eyelid exposure, head tilt,  how upturned the eyes are, and other unique features/deformities like the under-eye darkness, dark circles hollowing, and limbo ring.  

Screenshot 2024 04 02 111914

The entire periocular area is the distance between the eyes being closed or wide can make a significant impact on your facial attractiveness. The white portion of your eyes affects your overall beauty. The sclera must also look white and healthy rather than reddish or yellowish, which makes you look sick and can reduce your attractiveness. Everyone’s eyes look different because of their shapes. They can be narrow, sharp, rounded, droopy, and upturned, which affects your facial attractiveness. 

Well-spaced almond-shaped eyes are considered to be attractive. Numerous types of eyes are considered to be beautiful until they aren’t too far from normal or average eyes. The beauty of your eyes depends on your ethnicity. Thus, the eyes play a big role when it’s about looking attractive. The periocular region has numerous moving parts. As a person’s eyes are one of the first things to look at, their attractiveness affects your overall appearance. 

1. Your Jawline

Screenshot 2024 04 02 112102

A sharp jawline can make anyone look attractive and thus is considered to be the most important feature of facial attractiveness. It’s the broadest feature on your face that can be broken down into over five individual parts such as chin, upper jaw, lower jaw, jaw body length, and dual height anterior of jaw length. A jawline is almost the full lower third or the dual complex. All these combined facial features can make your jawline look different from others. The multiple moving parts of your jawline make it an important feature for making your face look attractive. 

You can see many attractive people have a sharp and well-structured jawline making interesting videos on TikTok and Instagram.  The models have different  eye and eyebrow shapes. Nowadays, almost all celebrities and models have well-defined and well-structured jaw lines which look more or less the same. Otherwise, they spend huge amounts to get a sharp jawline. Thus, the jawline is a much more important facial feature than the eyes.  With a defined and pleasant angle, a sharp jawline with lows of mental fat is visible in almost all attractive faces. The jawline is much less variable compared to the eyes and reflects your body fat percentage with health conditions. 

Screenshot 2024 04 02 114813

Bad jaw alignments, such as overjet, underbite, overbite, or the orthodontic definition of your face can make it extremely difficult for you to chew food and speak quickly in this sense. A healthy and prominent jawline is a universal and timeless indicator of beauty, which is defined as a functionality. So, a dysfunctional jaw makes your face less attractive, which doesn’t mean that you should have the strongest jaw. However, you require a healthy jaw to have an attractive face. Ears, neck and facial symmetry are features that can  impact facial attractiveness if you have really big deviant ears. However, they aren’t as important as some of the other features mentioned above. Facial asymmetry and symmetry are still important enough of an overarching feature. You are likely to have lower levels of facial asymmetry which makes you look attractive if you have a sharp and healthy jawline

Screenshot 2024 04 02 114907

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Dr. Praharsh Devraj

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