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9 Things You Can Do Differently To Transform Your Look As A Man


  • Facial Symmetry: Enhance your facial features with grooming and styling techniques to achieve balance and harmony.

  • Haircut: Choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape and personal style, enhancing your overall appearance.

  • Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly: Maintain well-groomed eyebrows that frame your face and convey a polished look.

  • Tongue and Back Posture: Improve your posture by keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth and maintaining a straight back, which exudes confidence and attractiveness.

  • Sun Protection: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing, preventing premature aging and maintaining healthy skin.

  • Eyebrow Thickness: Adjust the thickness of your eyebrows to complement your facial features and create a more defined look.

  • Diet: Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which promotes healthy skin, hair, and overall appearance.

  • Pillowcase: Use a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize hair breakage and skin creases, promoting a smoother and more refreshed appearance.

  • Workout Routine: Incorporate regular exercise to build strength, improve posture, and enhance your physique, boosting confidence and overall attractiveness.

You may believe it or not but a person’s looks do matter in this world in various ways. People do judge your personality , lifestyle and many other things depending on your appearance. Thus, you should work on enhancing your looks to impress and attract people.

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Years of poor lifestyle habits, such as eating junk food, drinking and smoking, can ruin your health, make you look older than your age and reduce your overall attractiveness. 

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However, you can do certain things differently to transform your look as a man. Here are the tips and tricks depending on different factors to improve your looks: 


1. Facial Symmetry 

People tend to look different in photos clicked by a phone’s backside camera than how they usually look in mirror or selfies. Wondering why? Viewers see your face inverted. 90% of people sleep on their stomach, which puts pressure on a single side of a face and causes asymmetry. 

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Your face may get less attractive when the asymmetry is excess. If you stop sleeping on your stomach, your face starts looking more attractive and symmetrical.  

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Start sleeping on your backside and chew food equally on both sides.

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When you chew food more on one side, it creates an imbalance in the jaw muscles, which makes one larger than the other. Also, consider jawline fillers or cheek fillers if its suggested by your aesthetic doctor.

2. Haircut

How you look depends a lot on your hair cut. You can stand out in a crowd if your hairstyle looks unique and stylish. Create a balanced appearance by getting a neutral haircut, which falls mostly on only one side of your face. Consider visiting a hair clinic in the early stages if you are seeing any kind of balding or hair thinning. 

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A balanced haircut creates the illusion of a symmetrical face. Try to chew hard gum everyday on the lower jaw side so it grows evenly. 

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3. Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly 

People can’t avoid looking at your eyebrows and eyes when talking to you. So, they should have the right shape suited to your face shape.

snapedit 1719469802711You can make your eyes appear symmetrical by symmetrically tweezing the eyebrows. Your overall looks enhance significantly when you perfectly shape your eyebrows and they look symmetrical. 

4. Tongue and Back Posture

Maintaining the correct tongue and backside posture is crucial to make your face look symmetrical and balanced.  Start training your neck muscles to see a big change in the neck width and enhance your facial charm. You must have seen celebrities photoshop their necks to look smaller in the photos. 

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You can look nerdier and goofier with a shrunken neck in photos. When you start training your neck, it extends quite fast since it is not a muscle, which is about to get plenty of external loading in everyday activities. Thus, you can see your neck growing consistently once you start hitting the gym and doing the right exercises everyday. 

5. Sun Protection 

When it comes to going outside everyday for work or any other purpose, you just can’t stay away from the sun that’s hazardous for your skin. Frequent exposure to harmful UV rays can slowly damage and sag your skin, which makes you appear much older than your age.

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Once your skin gets directly in contact with the harsh sun rays, it develops wrinkles, smile lines and fine lines that reduces your facial attractiveness. So, you should protect your skin from the sun, mainly if it’s sensitive. Apply sunscreen lotion or cream of SPF 50 to prevent the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and  aging signs on your face. 

snapedit 1719470081334Applying  retinol cream or serum everyday on your skin can prevent sun damage. Moreover, you should follow the right skincare routine suited to your skin type for sun protection. 

snapedit 1719470104660Find the perfect cleanser and moisturizer that suits your skin type to make your face look more attractive.

6. Eyebrow Thickness 

Thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows are one of the most prominently visible facial features. With thick eyebrows and hair on head, you can look masculine and healthy.

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Castor oil of rosemary oil increases hair growth. So, apply those oils on your eyebrows to grow them faster, denser and thicker that give you a masculine look. 


If your eyebrows look lighter in color most of the time, try to dye them to get a darker shade for looking matured and serious. 

image 1Keep your eyebrows clean and perfectly shaped by trimming long hairs and removing straight hairs to make them look thick. 

7. Diet

What you eat shows on your skin and overall looks. Eat carrots everyday to get a beautiful tan glow in your skin and look healthier. 

image 2Consume foods containing beta carotene , such as mangoes and sweet potatoes, to get a little tan on your skin and look more physically attractive. 

image 3Rub 2 cubes of ice on your face everyday for 1 to 2 minutes to prevent acne breakouts and reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles, eye bags and aging signs.

image 4

image 5Include icing on your face to your skincare routine to achieve a glass skin and look at your best. 

8. Pillowcase 

Besides sleeping 9 hours every night, it’s also important to sleep on the right pillowcase to look good. 

Screenshot 2024 06 26 164732A silk pillowcase reduces the risks of developing wrinkles, fine lines and hair damages. So, always try to  sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep your skin flawless and get a refreshing and  rejuvenating look. 

image 6

image 7Silk pillowcases maintain a cool temperature as they don’t absorb oil from your hair when you sleep. So, you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. Even though cotton pillowcases are soft, they can absorb oil and may cause acne, and pimples that can degrade your looks. Thus, you should always choose silk pillowcases rather than sleeping on pillowcases made of other fabric. 

9. Workout Routine 

A good physique can always look appealing and attract the attention of females making you desirable among them. 

image 8So, start hitting the gym 3 to 5 days a week to build a strong physique, look and feel better.

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image 9Do push pull or lower upper leg split every day to see an improvement in your body. Ensure your physical training is high intensity and low volume focused to get the desired results in the shortest time period. 

image 10Do push-ups, pull-ups, squats and workouts everyday at home if you can’t hit the gym for any reason. 

image 11

The right amount of calorie intake is crucial to maintain a fat-free and healthy body. So, calculate the daily calorie intake and reduce them by 500 units if you want to lose weight. Increase the calorie intake by 500 units if you want to increase your body weight. 

image 12

Screenshot 2024 06 26 172307You can find multiple calorie calculators online to calculate the required amount of calorie intake for getting the desired physique by inserting your age, weight and height. 

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Dr. Praharsh Devraj

Dr. Praharsh Devraj

Dr. Praharsh Devraj is an Indian cosmetic doctor with decades of experience in Skincare, Injectables, and Hair Loss Treatments. He is India's best injector who has trained more than 1k+ injectors and has transformed over 10k+ faces pan India. He is first India's pioneer in Organic Lift and Plasmoderm for Facial aesthetics and Anti-Aging. He is also the founder of Clinic Next Face, India's 1st Smart Ageing Clinic. Praharsh Devraj is also a member of the London School of Facial Orthotropics.

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