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8 Face Features That Make Men Look More Attractive

8 Features That Make Men Look More Attractive


  • Facial dimensions: Sharp jawline and chin, broad and wide chin, and well-defined facial structure contribute to attractiveness.
  • Facial hair: Well-trimmed and styled beard, rich stubble, and even distribution of facial hair enhance attractiveness.
  • Eyes: Rectangular or smaller eyes, thicker eyebrows, and eye size affect perceived masculinity and attractiveness.
  • Mouth: Thin lips, correct volume, proportions, and size of the mouth contribute to facial attractiveness.
  • Nose: Various nose sizes and shapes can be attractive, with a large nose often considered appealing.
  • Scarring: Post-traumatic scars can indicate masculinity and attractiveness, while intentional scarring can reflect bravery.
  • Skin: Smooth, radiant, and blemish-free skin is desirable for attractiveness, indicating good health.
  • Hair style: Choosing a hairstyle that complements face shape and personality can significantly enhance attractiveness.

Everyone wants to look attractive these days. Even men are doing different aesthetic treatments nowadays to make their face look attractive and create a good impression on others. Male beauty has as such no clear standards. The concept of male beauty is much more complicated than female attractiveness as it isn’t only about appearing muscular. 

male beauty

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For instance, you may look physically strong but may have high testosterone, which makes you aggressive. Several females are not fond of the males’ aggressive nature and may totally avoid interacting and communicating with them out of fear. Some of your behavioral traits can impress a female, while other females can consider them to be turn-offs, which is a prominent sociobiology concept.

According to females, the definition of men’s attractiveness differs from one another. Some women may get impressed with the masculine features in men, such as thick eyebrows and rectangular eyes. While, other women may adore the feminine traits in males, such as rounded nose and fuller lips. Some females may find your dominant features to be extremely mature and youthful charm to be more smooth or masculine. 

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Do you want to learn the men beauty standards that which your face look attractive and muscular? Check the list of attractive facial features below: 

  1. Face Dimensions

face dimension

The face dimensions depend on your hormonal level. The sharpness of your jawline makes you look mature and dominant to women. The high body fat percentage hides the jawline which makes your face look round and full. 

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Screenshot 2024 04 24 121813

With a sharp jawline and chin, you can look athletic and charming to women. A broad ans wide chin can make you desirable among females. The visibility of your chin depends mostly on the appearance of the your other facial features. The most charming faces of males have a series of little protrusions. The elongated chin and face with subtle deviations can always look the most attractive in females. The charm and yorhfukness in your face decreases with more deviation.

Screenshot 2024 04 24 121910

Screenshot 2024 04 24 121843

A chin which is not enough far appears to be visually unpleasing when the retrosion effects look more prominent than protrusion outcomes. Jaw shape and prominence are another feature that affects a man’s facial attractiveness. Males usually have broader jaws than females. A broad jaw, thick eyebrows and prominent facial features reflect masculinity. 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 122038

The shape of dual jawline and its effects are clearly visible in your face when your entire body weight is perfect. Male face profiles are of different types that makes men look different from one another. Masculine and heavyset profiles with a huge body fat percentage have a prominent lower jaw and make your face look chiselled. Unfortunately, the jawline appears to be rounder in men with high body fat. So, make sure you don’t put much weight if you always want to have a prominent chin. 

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While physically strong people with sleek faces have more angular jaws than those with round faces. You are likely to look less sexually appealing if the lower one-third portion of your face contains more fat. The most sexually appealing facial profile has a narrow and angular sharp jawline. Females usually find men’s faces with a sharp jawline dominant but may not be very attractive. Square jaw can look more attractive than feminine jawline. Women tend to get attracted to prominent cheekbones and masculine looks. So, try to keep the lower third portion of your face fat-free to look chiseled. Maintain a proper size and shape of your chin and jaw and not have double chin. The face of men will always look attractive if the facial height is perfect. 

  1. Facial Hair

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Facial hair is one of the key determinants of the male face attraction. Well-trimmed and stylish beard can boost your sex appeal because of which many men visit salons frequently to trim and maintain the desired look of beard. 

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Many females drool over the masculine, aggressive yet mature look that beard gives to men. Women find rich stubble faces much more attractive than clean-shaved and fully bearded faces. The intensity of facial hair affects the overall attractiveness and even the photographs. 

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Screenshot 2024 04 24 122502Screenshot 2024 04 24 122525

Clean-shaven face can make you look cute and feminine, which many females may like. Thus, many men grow, trim and maintain beards to hide their feminine traits, which make the face and skin look smooth. Besides the intensity of facial hair, its distribution also affects the men’s face attractiveness. Males with an even and consistently distributed hair on the face look much more sexually appealing than men with patchy facial hair. 

A beard looks great on males having a smaller jawline. With a well-trimmed beard, you can look more attractive and masculine. Your overall appearance with a beard depends on the inherent bone framework.

  1. Eyes

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No matter how much a beard improves your appearance, people will look at your eyes the most when they see your face. Large eyes have always been considered as an indication of femininity. The attractiveness of eye size depends on the context.

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Masculinity is usually resonated with rectangular or smaller eyes than rounded eyes. Women prefer different types of eye sizes on men depending on the context. They like bigger, longer and broader eyes which are more of feminine eyes with no dark circles

Screenshot 2024 04 24 122653

Screenshot 2024 04 24 122703

Small-sized eyes look more masculine , which women prefer for short-term dating. Masculine facial features have always been preferred by women for short-term dating, hook-ups and one night stands. 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 122754

Screenshot 2024 04 24 122811

While, females don’t prefer small eyes in men for lifelong partnerships, like marriage. Eye size is a prominent feature of a male face. Women may also look at your eyebrow thickness and give it much more importance than eyes when assessing your masculinity. 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 122929

Thicker eyebrows reflect more masculinity than your eye shape and color. So, try to maintain thick and well-shaped eyebrows if you want to appear masculine and attract women. 

  1. Mouth

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As the mouth is centrally positioned in the lower third portion of your face, it attracts the maximum attention. With an attractive looking mouth, you can create a good impression on others.  Masculinity tends to be related to an ellipse that indicates a male being dominant. Male faces having thin lips are considered to be more attractive than faces having thick lips. Men usually don’t have fuller and thick lips like women. The faces of men having full ellipses are considered to be very attractive. The lip size doesn’t impact the facial attractiveness unless they are disproportionate. 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 123216

Screenshot 2024 04 24 123235

The level of facial attractiveness in men depends on the volume of your lips and other parts of your mouth. Your mouth size affects the overall facial attractiveness. Males with broader mouths having the correct volume, proportions and size are considered to be more attractive by women as they indicate good health. 

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Screenshot 2024 04 24 123301

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Mount size is much more a dominant feature of facial attractiveness than the size of your lips. You have teeth inside your mouth that should always look white, clean and healthy to impress women. With good gum and dental health, your face will look more attractive. Your dental aesthetics can elevate your facial attractiveness. Thus, many males are opting for advanced dental treatment to get whiter and brighter teeth. The eye tracking technology found that women looked the most into males’ eyes followed by mouth and nose. As women look at your mouth, they can’t ignore the dental aesthetics. 

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Yellow teeth can be a big disappointment for anyone you are interacting with. You may have seen someone with a charming face but have yellow, crooked or unshapely teeth. With a critical teeth condition and dental health, you can never look attractive even with a flawless face and strong physique. With the right dental treatment, you can enhance your visual appeal. If you have a feminine face, dental aesthetics is much more important than the beauty of eyes. As the anesthetic dentition attracts the most attention in males, dental aesthetics are more important for males’ visual appeal rather than that of females. 

  1. Nose

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No one can ignore looking at your nose when they look at your face. As the nose is a sexually dimorphic trait that’s positioned in the upper middle portion of your face, it grabs the eyes of almost all the people you meet. A tiny and slim nose looks attractive on females as they usually have smaller noses than women. Males can look good with various nose sizes and shapes. According to research by Cunnigham, the nose is a poor indicator of facial attractiveness. The researchers couldn’t find much correlation between the size of nose and facial attractiveness.  

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A big nose and broad mouth reflect your good health. Thus, a large nose is considered to be an attractive facial feature in men. Nowadays, many males are doing surgeries to reduce their nose size and look more feminine and attractive. Like lips, the appearance of the nose on your face depends on its features. Thus, nose size is not much of an important feature when it comes to facial attractiveness in men. You can look attractive with a nose of any shape and size unless it’s not in an average size and proportion. 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 123744Screenshot 2024 04 24 123720Many women consider a small nose to be an attractive facial feature in men. A sharp and long can always make you look handsome. However, a nose of any other shape and size can’t affect your entire facial symmetry. 

  1. Scarring

Screenshot 2024 04 24 124008

Scarring is another feature that can affect your facial attractiveness. It is the end result of the repairing of mammalian skin post dermal injuries. Everyone wants their face to be free of scars and blemishes because of which many people are doing advanced aesthetic treatments to remove them. Facial scarring creates a negative impression on the people whom you meet , mainly in the Western society.

Screenshot 2024 04 24 124101

 The scars on your face reflect your skin disease or any traumatic incident that has caused them. People may assume you as a risk taker because of which women may consider you as undesirable for long-term dating. However, females may find your face with scars to be attractive for short-term relationships, such as dating, hookups and flings. 

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Post-traumatic and mild scars on the face can make men look attractive as they are signs of aggression, violence and masculinity. Many females love to date aggressive and masculine men to feel secure and protected. Intentional scarring is valued in  several non-Western cultures. Such type of scarring and other types of visible body marks, like tattooing, promotes hereditary quality or solidarity among men. Scars also indicate sexual maturity in men, which helps in attracting secured females. Post-traumatic scars developed due to heroic acts hold value. Yanomano males tend to shave their heads and apply red pigment on their scalps to make their scars look prominent, which reflect your bravery and recovering capabilities from an enemy attack. 

  1. Skin

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The facial attractiveness depends a lot on the skin quality irrespective of the beauty of your facial features. A glowing and flawless skin can always make you stand out in a crowd and impress maximum females. Nowadays, many men are opting for various advanced treatments to cure their acne, remove blemishes and get rid of large open pores to make their skin look smooth. Your face gets prettier with a more homogenous skin. The perfect skin can be one of the most desirable facial features. 

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According to studies, the male facial skin tone and texture are key features that females consider to decide their attractiveness. A face with a smooth and radiant skin reflects your internal health and makes you look attractive that helps you to create a positive impression on females. While, skin with blemishes can make you look unhealthy. 

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Men’s faces with a more homogenous skin tone are considered to be more attractive by females. As wrinkles and other blemishes get cleared from the faces of males belonging to 40 to 70 years of age, they look much more attractive, healthier and younger. 

  1. Hair Style

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Hairstyle significantly affects your facial aesthetics. The right hairstyle can make you look attractive, stylish and even younger than your age. Getting a haircut is not only grooming but an indication of your personality. Every hairstyle has its own specialities and thus, choosing the right option is crucial to look at your best. A hairstyle suited to your face shape can boost your confidence and can attract a lot of female attention.

Different hairstyles can exude different things and help you in different ways. Hairstyles reflecting personality can help you to grow in the corporate world. Unique hairstyles reflect your rebellious attitude. A stylish and youthful haircut makes you look energetic. A classic hairstyle makes you look mature. 


Here are some of the most common hairstyles and the relevant personality traits:

Crew Cut

This timeless haircut makes you look disciplined. 

Quiff Cut 

Quiff haircut is stylish and makes you look stylish and youthful. 

Under Cut

An under haircut reflects your boldness and fashionable side. 

Buzz Cut

A buzz haircut is simple and reflects your low-maintenance attitude. 

Short Back and Sides Cut

This classic haircut reflects your professional and organized attitude. 

Long Hair

Long hair in men indicates their free-spirited and independent personality. 

Men usually have 7 face shapes – Oblong, Diamond, Square, Heart, Triangle, Oval and Round. 

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Find below the different hairstyles that suit these different types of face shapes:

  1. Oblong

A hairstyle should make your oblong or rectangular face look broader and balance the face shape length. A textured hairstyle with a mid hair length with full sides, like side-swept crew cut, suits the square face. A hairstyle longer on top will make your face shape look longer. Tapered/faded/thinned side hair cuts make a face look slimmer because of which it doesn’t suit a square face. 

  1. Diamond

A hairstyle for a diamond shaped face should make the jaw appear broader and the forehead look longer. Slick back, long fringe, textured top and faux hawk haircuts look good on a diamond shaped face. Such haircuts hide the cheekbone pop and narrow forehead. Haircuts with lines and angles can make your facial features look sharper and thus, diamond-shaped face men should avoid getting them. 

  1. Square

Square shaped faces look broader and thus, you should get haircuts having tight, short and closed sides. You can consider pompadour, quiffs, French crop, standard side part and buzz cut as they suit your square shaped face. So, you should avoid any hairstyle with bulkier sides as they can add more width to your face. 

  1. Heart

When you have a heart shaped face, you should get a hairstyle that makes your chin look broader. Get wavy textured/side parted or messy fringe haircuts to broaden the appearance of your chin. Don’t get middle-parted haircuts and hairstyles that are heightened or heavy on the top. 

  1. Triangle

A good hairstyle can even out the face shape asymmetricality. Textured quiff, comb-over and crew cut can always suit a triangular shaped face. The top and sides of your head should have enough hair volume so your cheekbone and forehead look broader. So, don’t cut fringes to cover your forehead.

  1. Oval

An oval shape can look good in various types of haircut. However, you should get the right haircut, otherwise your face will look round. An undercut, quiff with a taper fade, medium-fade large pompadour and crop with a faded back and sides look good on an oval-shaped face. Avoid getting fringes as the hair on your forehead can make your face appear more rounded.  

  1. Round

The haircut for a round face should add the maximum number of possible angles and lines to reduce the roundness from your face. Go for side-swept brush-up, spiky cuts or any haircut with fuller and longer on the top and medium fade on the side. Fuller tops make your face look longer and faded sides make your face look slimmer. The buzz cut isn’t a great choice as it makes a round face look rounder. 

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