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Skin allergies in bangalore

Why Are Skin Allergies More Common In Bangalore?


  • Bangalore has experienced a significant increase in pollution levels, leading to various health issues for its residents, including skin-related problems.
  • Dust mites and pollen are common allergens in Bangalore, triggering skin allergies such as dermatitis and eczema.
  • Contact-related allergies are prevalent in Bangalore, with even people with healthy skin developing allergies due to continuous exposure and the dry weather.
  • Hard water in Bangalore contains high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), heavy metals, and pollutants, leading to skin issues like dryness, itchiness, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Bangalore’s air quality is unhealthy, with high levels of particulate matter, allergens, and harmful pollutants causing skin issues like atopic eczema, dermatitis, and increasing the risk of skin cancer. Pollution in general is a significant cause of skin allergies in the city.

Over the past couple of decades, Bangalore has seen a steep rise in pollution levels. As a consequence, many health issues plague the residents of the city. Continuous exposure to Bangalore air and water has made things worse. 

Skin-related issues are among the common health problems faced by Bangaloreans. The city’s poor air and water quality has contributed to a rise in allergens. 

Dust mites and pollen are among the common allergens that plague Bangalore. Many skin allergies are triggered upon contact with these allergens. Dermatitis is a common condition that many Bangaloreans suffer from. 

Contact-related allergies are most rampant in Bangalore. People with healthy skin are also known to develop allergies after constant exposure. The Bangalore weather which is generally dry is known to worsen such conditions.

What are Bangaloreans Saying About Allergies?

Many Bangaloreans blame vehicular pollution and dry weather for various skin conditions. Dry skin is cited as one of the most common conditions that people face. Many have described dry skin as a gateway for skin allergies such as eczema. 

Residents also warn of the flowering season in Bangalore as a time when allergies flare up. Many describe the high pollen content as a major contributor to skin problems. 

Possible Causes for Skin Allergies in Bangalore

Hard Water 

Bangalore’s hard water can have drastic effects on the skin. The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in Bangalore water in some areas is above 1500 PPM. This is well above the acceptable 1200 PPM for safe use on the skin. 

Heavy metals such as manganese and calcium are found in high quantities in the city’s hard water. Groundwater is also polluted by various industrial and commercial wastes. These are quite harmful to not only the skin but to your eyes and hair as well. 

The high mineral content causes a buildup of calcium carbonate when applying soap. This white-coloured build-up is hard to wash away and can cause serious issues. Dry skin is an immediate effect of bathing in hard water. 

Prolonged use of Bangalore’s water can lead to serious skin problems. Itchiness, eczema, and psoriasis are among the major issues. These issues can produce various allergic reactions as well. Scalp issues are also common among hard water users. 


Bangalore’s air quality has been deemed unhealthy by many national and international authorities. The high levels of particulate matter and fine particulate matter are a cause for worry. This also means that the air has a high number of allergens. 

Dust mites, fungi, and pollen are among the organic allergens. These can cause serious infections in ear cavities, nasal cavities, and eyes. Otitis media, sinusitis, and conjunctivitis allergic rhinitis are quite common among allergic patients. 

Hydrocarbons, ozone, cigarette smoke, and other harmful particles are found in high concentrations. Atopic eczema and dermatitis are among the skin issues caused by these pollutants. 

Bangalore’s air is also prone to ultraviolet radiation which can cause skin cancer. The same is true of cigarette smoke, especially secondhand smoke. 

Skin rashes and irritation are noticeable effects that pave the way to allergies. If left untreated these allergies can turn into serious problems. 


General pollution in Bangalore is a serious cause of skin allergies. Over the years the cases of skin allergies have grown at an alarming rate. Many doctors have reported a steep rise in patients with serious skin conditions. 

Children are most affected by skin conditions in Bangalore. School-going children in particular are prone to many illnesses. Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are among the major skin ailments. 

Eczema is also reported as a common disorder in children. Many of these issues reach their peak in the summer, according to a study. The rising pollution levels are also known to aggravate these conditions. 

The presence of pollen in the air is also known to aggravate existing skin conditions. Bacterial infections and scabies are also common among children. Many of these children have been diagnosed with skin allergies as well. 

Solutions for Protecting your Skin in Bangalore

  • Wear Masks While Venturing Out

Through the course of the pandemic, many of you have gotten used to wearing protective masks. Making this a regular habit in Bangalore can make a world of difference for your skin. 

Regular protective masks prevent particulate matter from entering your nasal cavities. Protective Masks with N95, 99, and 100 certifications are the most effective. P95 masks are most effective for protection against oil-based pollutants. 

  • Expose Mattresses and Pillows to Sunlight

Sun-drying pillows and mattresses are an effective remedy for removing dust mites. This traditional method is time-tested and proven to work wonders. 

This also kills fungi, such as mildew, along with other allergens. As a bonus, cotton pillows and mattresses become fresh and fluffy. The ultraviolet radiation, although harmful to you, is an effective disinfectant. 

  • Use Water Softeners

Hard water’s effects can be negated by turning it into soft water. RO systems and water softeners are great options for this end. Many RO systems can reduce TDS levels to as low as 110 PPM. These levels are safe enough for drinking. 

Water softeners can do the same to make it safe enough for your skin and clothes. While softeners may not make water safe enough to drink, they do remove all major impurities. Look for ones that remove TDS, though. 

If a full-home water softener is out of your budget, you can try independent softeners. These can be attached to regular-use outlets. 

  • Invest in Air Purifiers

Cities like Delhi have already seen a steep rise in the use of air purifiers. This is an effective way to protect you from pollution in Bangalore. Air purifiers filter harmful particulate matter, including pollen and dust mites. 

Air purifiers also filter all major allergens. The use of air filters can also avoid funguses. Some also can filter out harmful chemicals. 

  • Wear Sunscreen before Heading Out

Sunscreen is quite effective in protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. Ultraviolet radiation can be particularly harmful to your skin. This can be alleviated by wearing sunscreen for SPF 50 and above. 

  • Keep Yourself Moisturized and Hydrated at all Times

Bangalore weather is both dry and filled with pollutants. So try using moisturizers as much as possible. Moisturizers also help protect you from the harmful effects of hard water. Try applying moisturizers immediately after taking a bath. 

Moisturizers are also mandatory in the winter. Also, remember to drink as much water as possible. 

  • Consult a Skin Care Specialist

If you have a pre-existing allergy or skin condition, consult a skin care specialist. Bangalore, due to its high allergy rate now has many established skin care experts. You can get the best remedy for your allergies from such specialists. 

You can also consult for effective solutions to protect yourself from allergens. 

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