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How Facial Fat Affects Your Looks and What Makes Your Face Look Attractive?


  • Facial fat significantly impacts facial attractiveness, as it can alter the shape and contours of the face, leading to a less defined appearance.
  • Weight gain can result in a puffier face with rounded features and a less prominent jawline, while weight loss can enhance facial angles and create a more sculpted look.
  • Surgical procedures like buccal fat removal are popular among those seeking sharper facial features and reduced cheek fullness.
  • Subcutaneous and visceral fat play distinct roles in facial and overall body appearance, with excess visceral fat posing health risks.
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight and low body fat percentage (9-12% for males, 17-20% for females) is associated with enhanced facial attractiveness, emphasizing the importance of overall health for facial aesthetics.
  • Improving facial attractiveness through weight loss not only enhances physical appearance but also contributes to better health outcomes and overall well-being.

Our faces are always visible and anyone rarely covers them. Thus, people always want their faces to look attractive with flawless skin. However, proper skin care and sharp features aren’t enough to make your face look attractive. Fat deposits also affect your facial appearance and can make you look older than your age. Weight gain or loss changes skin elasticity and develops sagging fat near your jawline and cheeks. It relaxes the tight ligaments, which keeps your face looking youthful and sculpted. 

Are you wondering how facial fat affects your looks and what should be your body weight so your face looks the best? Here you will learn how facial fat can affect your overall looks, what makes your face look attractive, and other relevant information.  

How Body Fat Influences Facial Attractiveness 

How Body Fat Influences Facial Attractiveness

Gaining a moderate amount of body fat can even change the shape and appeal of your face. Weight gain makes your face look puffier with chubby cheeks and a rounded jawline. Zygion, the broadest portion of your face, has cheekbones. Once your body gains fat, zygion loses the existing amount of contours. 

You can see a little bit of dip immediately above and under the cheekbones in the temporal portion. A lean face has more contours and thus, looks more shapely with prominent angles, which is mostly visible in the mandible when you lose weight. 

People tend to gain the most fat around the jawline and midface region during massive weight gain, which fully changes their face shape. Your face gets much more attractive with clear angles and 3D aspects when you lose kilos of weight. The buccal area gets plumper with weight gain. The facial fat loss highlights deep valleys and contours around the brow/Isabella area, undereye area, cheeks, and chin.

The jaw has more surrounding shadows and depth. The facial width-to-height ratio decreases considerably when cheeks slim down, which affects the perceptions of masculinity and creativity. The face looks less bloated and taller. You can control the weight gain and loss by changing the facial width and contours.  

Why Facial Fat and Body Fat Percentage As a Whole Make Such a Noticeable Difference in Facial Shape

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No facial shape is considered to be perfect. However, people want to have a face shape that highlights their best features and has no fat because of which you should maintain the right body weight. Facial fat can never fully change your appearance but it does make a noticeable difference to it. 

You may get a puffier face with rounded features or a moon face when your body has extra fat or fluid. Your face may also get puffier because of weight gain, hormonal changes, and consumption of certain medicines. Genes determine facial contour and definition because some people have sharp cheekbones and chin, while others have puffier faces with subtler features. Weight gain affects face angularities as the fats that can’t get stored in your body store in the face, which causes a double chin and turkey neck. 

Many celebrities did multiple surgeries to get rid of chubby cheeks and look better. For instance, buccal fat removal is a permanent solution to remove the fats in the cheeks. Chrissy Teigen posted on Instagram about undergoing this surgery to get the correctly sculpted cheeks. It is a popular option among those who want sharp facial features instead of a chubby face.

What is Facial Fat or Body Fat? 

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Facial fat is like the fat deposits around your tummy. Adipose tissue gain occurs naturally due to an increase in food intake. Subcutaneous and visceral fat are two different types of body fat in different positions with dissimilar functionalities and health complications.  Subcutaneous fat is the type of fat under your skin, which accumulates in your face, stomach, thighs, and hips. This type of fat gives energy to your body, controls body temperature, and adds padding to the inherent tissues.  The face has subcutaneous fat, mostly around the cheek and buccal portions. 

Visceral fat, also called “intra-abdominal fat”, accumulates deep inside the abdominal cavity and surrounding internal organs, such as the intestines, pancreas, and liver. It forms under the abdominal muscles and can’t be seen outside. Even though visceral fat protects organs, its excessive amount can be hazardous to your health. This type of fat is active metabolically and releases cytokines that cause inflammation and control the level of insulin that deteriorates your health.

The increasing body fat percentage widens the mid and lower face, and nose. It also reduces the height of your eyes. With a lesser body fat proportion, the face looks more angular with a sharp chin and narrow cheeks. You can get rid of the excess adipose tissues by eating less food and exercising more every day. Losing facial fat pops up the cheekbones and jawline. 

What Makes a Face Look Attractive?

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Depth and 3D features make a face look attractive. The abs, midface portion, cheekbones, and jawline appear with much more depth when you lose body fat. A face with fat doesn’t have the 3D contours. When the midface region has 3D-ness, your face looks fatless with prominent features.   

How Does Facial Fat Gain Change Facial Proportions? 

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Facial fat gain reduces BMI and changes a noticeable amount of eye spacing. As a result, the interpupillary distance, i.e., the distance between eyes constitutes more facial width after weight loss. Reduced facial fat makes your eyes look bigger and broader. You will get a slimmer face with a proportionally broader jaw. Many people get a broad midface and jaw once they gain a huge amount of fat, mainly near the cheeks. 

After weight loss, the cheekbones look prominent, pronounced, and high. The extra adipose tissues surrounding your cheeks make the under-eye area appear hollower than it actually is. After weight loss, the infraorbital and buccal areas look much less pudgy. As cheeks tend to accumulate maximum fat in your face, they take time to lose fat. You can get a more defined and tapered jaw by reducing 10% of body fat. 

Facial fat has an adverse effect on the jaw definition and submental area. The extra submental fat forms a double chin and degrades the appearance of your face and neck. According to research, a submental cervical angle ranging from 90 to 105 degrees is considered to be attractive. In cases of heavy neck and double chin, the angle is more than 120° with an average of 121° in female adults and 126° in male adults. 

How Does Weight Gain Affect Your Face Side Profile?

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Losing facial fat enhances both the front and side profile of your face. You will be able to see your jawline, mandible, and ramus after losing body weight. Approximately 95 degrees submental cervical angle looks aesthetically pleasing because of the taught and firm look without hanging skin and fat that reflect body fat and aging. The submental cervical angle worsens with the descending hyoid bone and the drooping under-jaw area. As a tight neck area and defined jaw are youthful features, an undefined portion under your jaw makes you look older than your age. 

A healthy body fat percentage maintains your hormonal level and overall health. As the face is a common body part for fat deposits, your jawline is likely to get hidden with increased body fat. Double chin, also called “submental fat”, covers your jaw bone. Losing weight helps to get a more defined jawline, show your original bone structure, and enhance the submental cervical angle. 

How Much Weight Should You Lose to Have an Attractive Face? 

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Adiposity, i.e., your body fat levels are related to facial attractiveness. As most of the body fat accumulates under the shoulders, you should lose a heavy amount of body fat to flaunt your facial gains. You should lose approximately 1.3 BMI to look slimmer and around 2.5 BMI so your face appears more attractive. 

According to research, a body fat percentage in the range of 9 to 12% for males and 17 to 20% for females usually enhances facial attractiveness. The inherent bone framework affects how much angular and contoured your face appears. Some faces look much slimmer than others even having higher body fat. 

Body weight and facial attractiveness are correlated. Facial fat affects your face properties, shape, and attractiveness. A healthy body weight makes you look overall attractive. According to a study, you should change your BMI by 1.33 points for your weight loss to show on your face. Even though weight loss highlights your best facial features, you should focus on mental and physical health development. 

Bone structures and cultural factors also affect facial attractiveness. Follow a holistic approach comprising your physical and mental health and personal goals to get an attractive face. 

“Women and men of average height need to gain or lose about three and a half and four kilograms, or about eight and nine pounds, respectively, for anyone to see it in their face, but they need to lose about twice as much for anyone to find them more attractive,” said Dr Nicholas Rule, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Cognition. 

He added, “Increased facial fat is associated with a compromised immune system, poor cardiovascular function, frequent respiratory infections, and mortality.” Dr. Daniel Re, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, said, “When it comes to incentives for weight loss, some people are more motivated to look attractive than to improve their health,”.


People look at your face first and thus, it should create a good impression on others. The face reflects a person’s beauty, maintenance standards, and health condition. Even though beauty has as such no specific definition, your face should make you look healthy. A fat-free face with chiseled features and a prominent jawline shows you love and take care of yourself. 

A slim face with pronounced contours makes you look much more attractive than a chubby face. So, you should consult professionals on weight management and facial aesthetics if you want to get rid of your chubby cheeks and double chin. They can give you a slimmer face with no side effects. 

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Dr. Praharsh Devraj

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