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What Makes CNF The Best Aesthetic Clinic In Jp Nagar, Bangalore?

Your skin’s natural elasticity and collagen production decrease as you age. So, you should start taking proper care of your skin like never before. Clinic Next Face is the best aesthetic clinic in Bangalore that offers a variety of anti-aging treatments. Our dermatologist can check your skin condition and recommend the right treatment to prevent aging and make you look younger than your age.

What is an Aesthetic Clinic?

An aesthetic clinic is a healthcare center that mainly focuses on outpatient care. It may offer pampering treatments, but they mainly focus on anti-aging treatments such as Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and skin rejuvenation therapies. An aesthetic clinic maintains a clean and safe environment that prevents the spread of any infection. The professionals at an aesthetic center combine healthcare practices and beauty therapies to customize a regimen for patients to give them a natural and healthy look. 

5 Things About a Good Aesthetic Clinic 

With the availability of so many aesthetic clinics, finding the right one gets quite tricky. You may have difficulty deciding which clinic can be good or bad to great concerns. Here are the five things you find in a good aesthetic clinic: 

  1. Certified Professionals and Medical Director 

Even though aesthetics isn’t a regulated field, many related professions are regulated. Certified and registered dermatologists, doctors, and nurses protect the clients. They offer high standards of care, which is extremely crucial for more aggressive treatment that may have severe complications. Botox, dermal filler, skin resurfacing treatments, and certain chemical peels come with critical risks, because of which you may need to use antibiotics or medicated creams. 

The licensed professional can easily differentiate between a normal reaction and a response that requires immediate medical assistance. You can check all this information on a client’s website or call for inquiries. A physician may not always be available on-site but once you know they will come to your rescue anytime, you get peace of mind. 

  1. Detailed Consultation 

Several clinics offer free consultations as a standalone service that allows clients to ask top queries. A reputable aesthetic clinic won’t hesitate to contact you and share probable complications, side effects, and downtime related to treatment. As you get the most required information, you can easily understand the risks and benefits of all treatments. 

The medical aesthetician is likely to ask you about your current skincare routine, skin products you use, medications you take, diet, comfort level, and budget. You can prepare a detailed plan for your skin with the experts. A proper consultation will always help you to pick the right treatment suited to your aesthetic concerns. 

  1. Positive Reviews 

Nowadays, almost all clinics are listed on Google and ask their clients to post reviews about their experience in availing of the treatment. Google, TripAdvisor, and many other websites are great resources to check what people say about the aesthetic clinic you want to visit. If they have a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers, you should opt for their services. 

Avoid visiting a clinic that ignores replying to negative reviews and fix their issues. You should choose an aesthetic clinic that accepts genuine criticisms and improves its services to satisfy more customers. So, read all the positive and negative reviews carefully before visiting any clinic. 

  1. Consultation Style

The consultation style always reflects how an aesthetic clinic is. A good clinic will always follow a helpful approach during the consultation. They won’t try only to convince you to buy their service packages but help with the right solutions after listening to your concerns. If someone appreciates the kind of services offered by a clinic, you should consider consulting their services. The professionals would give you the same quality services. 

  1. Proper Pricing 

As aesthetic treatment can be expensive, you should ensure it is worth the money and time you invest. A good clinic is always honest about the prices they charge for various aesthetic solutions. The skilled professionals can always suggest the most appropriate option in your budget to deliver you the desired results. For instance, if you dislike your jowls and have your mouth surrounded by jowls, you should go for dermal fillers, tightening, or Botox. All these treatments together may deliver excellent results but cost a lot. I’d you don’t like injections, go for non-invasive treatments. 

The medical aesthetician can suggest which things are to be done first so you get the best results. They can prepare an all-inclusive skincare plan which will help you to do budgeting for many months or even a year. Some clinics can offer exciting discounts if you opt for multiple services in a package that saves you money.

About Clinic Next Face 

Clinic Next Face is the best aesthetic clinic in Bangalore to bring the top international scientific technologies to people at a reasonable price. With a team of over 90 dermatologists and cutting-edge USFDA-approved technology, CNF offers personalized and cost-effective clinically proven treatments for safety and efficacy. We follow a holistic approach to deliver the desired results and long-term satisfaction to clients. As CNF specializes in a variety of aesthetic treatments, you can always get a  personalized treatment suited to your concerns. 

About Dr. Praharsh Devraj 

Dr. Praharsh Devraj is a highly experienced clinical manager with a demonstrated history of working in the aesthetics industry. He is skilled in facial aesthetics, assessment, and anatomy. Our team of dermatologists work under him and follow all his instructions to deliver the desired results to customers. 

Our Injectable Treatments 

Here are the unique aesthetic treatments that we offer at CNF:


We take PRF from your blood. Then, we place blood in a centrifuge built to distinguish it from other blood elements. The PRF is harvested into a syringe after spinning. PRF combined with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can increase your facial volume. The combination of PRF and Restylane can rejuvenate your under-eye hollows. 

Bio Fillers 

Bio fillers have bio-incitement, which gives you enduring and glowing skin. The aesthetic treatment can blur the prominent status lines and wrinkles. Bio-dermal fillers can make you look younger than your age through facial organizing, creating, shaping, and volumizing. 


Botox injection is a popular injectable treatment worldwide. It removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, forehead, and eyes. Botox acts as a muscle relaxant and prevents the contraction of muscles in the treated areas and wrinkle formation. 

And many other unique treatments which aren’t available anywhere in India…

Looking for the best aesthetic clinic in Bangalore? Visit CNF. We have skilled and certified injectable experts with years of experience in injectable aesthetic treatments. Book a free consultation with our experts now! 

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