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Best Mewing Treatment in Bangalore

Bangalore’s Only Clinic With Mewing Experts – Clinic Next Face


Mewing Technique Overview:

  • Repositioning the tongue on the roof of the mouth for a larger and more square jawline.
  • Primarily done for aesthetic purposes or to address orthodontic and facial structure issues.

Effectiveness of Mewing:

    • Mewing can work to a large extent but may not lead to permanent changes.
    • Research doesn’t conclusively support significant and lasting alterations to jawlines.

Enhancing Mewing Results at CNF:

    • Biofillers are injected around the cheekbone area to add volume.

Consultation with Dr. Praharsh Devraj at CNF:

      • Dr. Praharsh Devraj, a mewing expert in Bangalore, offers years of experience in dermatology.
      • Expertise includes adding definition to jawlines, improving facial shape, and creating a thinner appearance.

Mewing, named after British orthodontist Dr. John Mew, is the practice of tongue repositioning inside your mouth to enhance your jawline and overall appearance. Do you want to look better by repositioning your tongue? Visit CNF as we are the only clinic in Bangalore with mewing experts. We ensure all our clients who do sewing from us are satisfied with the results.

What is Mewing?

Mewing is a technique where the tongue is positioned on the mouth’s roof to make the jaw
larger and more square. It is usually done for aesthetic purposes and/or to fix orthodontic
and facial structure issues.

How To Do Mewing?

The steps to do me wing vary for patients depending on their different conditions. Here are
the basic steps to do mewing:

  •  Close lips 
  •  Move the jaw so that the front bottom teeth are immediately behind the front upper teeth 
  •  Cover the roof of the mouth with the tongue 
  •  Position the tip of the tongue immediately behind the front teeth with no touching

Some experts suggest that you can find the correct position if you try to make the sound
  Others suggest breathing out of the nose rather than the mouth.

Does Mewing Work?


Mewing treatment in Bangalore

Yes, mewing does work to a large extent. No research suggests that mewing can change
the shape of the jawline or fix other issues in your face. Experts say people hardly see
permanent change. Orthodontists and dentists sometimes use the most effective techniques
with the same concepts that work in mewing to treat misaligned teeth and sleep apnea.
However, it’s part of a well-organized and proven treatment plan. Mewing comes with its set
of risks.

How Can We Make the Result of Mewing Even More

We can make the meowing results more impactful by injecting biofilters into the area surrounding your cheekbone. The biofilters add volume to the injected area. With correct positioning, bio fillers can add volume to your existing cheekbones giving you a defined and higher cheekbone line. 

At Clinic Next Face, we use the full facial profile to perfectly inject bio fillers to restructure existing cheekbone contours and lightly increase their volume naturally to support your facial structure. With our bio-filler injections, the mewing results are more pronounced cheekbones that look natural.

Why is CNF the Perfect Place To Go for Mewing Advice? 

At Clinic Next Face, you can consult Dr.Praharsh Devraj, who is a mewing expert in Bangalore with
years of experience in the dermatology industry. He knows how to perfectly add more
definition to your jawline, improve the shape of your face and make it look thinner. With our
advice, you will look much better after getting the mewing done in our clinic.

Talk To Our Mewing Expert Today!

No Obligations! Just jump on a quick call with our Mewing expert and know what kind of treatment will suit you the best.

Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your skin goals faster.

Dr. Praharsh Devraj

Dr. Praharsh Devraj

Dr. Praharsh Devraj is an Indian cosmetic doctor with decades of experience in Skincare, Injectables, and Hair Loss Treatments. He is India's best injector who has trained more than 1k+ injectors and has transformed over 10k+ faces pan India. He is first India's pioneer in Organic Lift and Plasmoderm for Facial aesthetics and Anti-Aging. He is also the founder of Clinic Next Face, India's 1st Smart Ageing Clinic. Praharsh Devraj is also a member of the London School of Facial Orthotropics.

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