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Skin Specialist In Jp Nagar, Bangalore

What Makes CNF The Best Skin Specialist In Jp Nagar, Bangalore?


  • Clinic Next Face (CNF) is a renowned skin specialist in Bangalore.
  • Dr. Praharsh Devraj, an experienced dermatologist with numerous accolades, leads Clinic Next Face.
  • They offer various skin treatments including acne reduction, scar removal, birthmark removal, dark circles treatment, skin tightening, and stretch marks reduction.
  • Clinic Next Face provides detailed consultations and personalized treatment plans.
  • They prioritize customization and offer appointments for extensive consultations.

Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs in your body. As you grow older, your skin may develop various issues. Thus, you need to take extra care of your skin and opt for the right treatment as and when required. You should never hesitate to consult a skin specialist if the issues are consistent. Clinic Next Face (CNF) is the best skin specialist in Bangalore whom you can always consult to get rid of the imperfections on your skin.

So what makes CNF the best skin specialist in Bangalore? Here are the key reasons: 

The Commendable Credentials 

Credentials are always when it comes to consulting a skin specialist. A doctor with a high medical degree can start practicing dermatology, but certified dermatologists have dealt with critical cases for years. Our Dr. Praharsh Devraj is a veteran dermatologist with decades of skincare experience who has earned many awards and recognition for his expertise in dermatology. 

He is the best injectable expert in India who has treated 10K+ patients across Bangalore and trained 100+ doctors in new injectable technology. Dr.Prahatsh Devraj’s work earned him appreciation from the thousands of patients he dealt with. Our team of dermatologists works closely with him and follows his instructions when doing treatments. 

Various Types of Skin Treatment 

At Clinic Next Face, you can opt for various skin treatments. Find below the types of treatment you can avail of at our clinic:

Acne reduction 

ACNEAcne Vulgaris is a common form of acne in teenagers and young adults caused due to the accumulation of oil (sebaceous) glands in your skin which get inflamed and clogged. Acne usually develops when the oil glands get active around puberty and are stimulated by male hormones produced in the adrenal glands of both girls and boys. Acne Vulgaris is a medical term for breakouts, zits, or pimples. 

We offer a wide variety of advanced acne scar removal treatments. They help significantly diminish all kinds of acne scars that may appear on your face and other body parts, chest, upper arms, and upper back.

Pimples reduction

PIMPLEClinic Next Face offers advanced professional acne treatment. Our solutions can treat all types and severities of acne, which ensure long-term satisfaction. Our medical team offers personalized care for all skin types to control mild, moderate, and intense breakouts and prevent scar formation. 

Scars removal

SCARSOnce you consult our dermatologist, we can personalize your treatment depending on your skin and scar type, size, and the criticality of the condition. We offer advanced scar removal treatment for all grades (mild, moderate, and severe) and types of acne scars below.

Birthmarks removal

BIRTHMARKA dermatologist can remove birthmarks. Usually, the treatment method for removing a particular birthmark depends on the type, size, severity, location and more. The most common types of laser used for reducing birthmarks are:

  • Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers for pigmented birthmarks
  • Pulsed dye laser for vascular birthmarks

Dark circles treatment 

DARK CIRCLESDark circles are the discoloration or darkening of the skin surrounding or below your eyes. The discolored or darkened skin looks dark brown, blue, and black. The look of pigmented skin is also called Periorbital dark circles or Infraorbital Discoloration, Infraorbital Darkening, Periorbital Melanosis, and Periorbital Hyperpigmentation (POH). 

Skin tightening

SKIN TIGHTENINGAt Clinic Next Face, the skilled dermatologist personalizes a skin-tightening treatment plan suited to your condition. You may need the modalities below as a solo or combo treatment depending on your skin requirements

Stretch marks reduction 

STRETCH MARKSYou can always visit our clinic to reduce acne and pimples, remove scars, birthmarks, dark circles, and stretch marks, and tighten your saggy skin. Our dermatologists always suggest the right treatment suited to your skin conditions. Once you opt for our treatment, your skin will glow and look flawless. 

Appointment Booking and Detailed Consultation 

Extensive consultation is crucial before undergoing a skin treatment. It takes time but can always work to your benefit. Thus, we allow you to book an appointment in your preferred slot so our skilled dermatologists can keep themselves available for consultation.  

We discuss the issues that your skin may be experiencing for a long time. Our dermatologists check the condition of your skin to identify the real causes behind the issues. With our consultation, you can always go for the right treatment that will deliver the desired results.  


Even though we offer a variety of treatments, a specific option may not work to cure all your skin issues. In such cases, we customize the right treatment suited to your skin conditions. 

So, if you can’t pick a suitable treatment from our list of treatments, visit our clinic. We can personalize the best skin treatment. 

The reasons above show what makes CNF the best skin specialist in Bangalore. If you want to get relief from skin issues that are bothering you a lot, book an appointment today! 

Call us at +91-9111159191 to book a free consultation or visit us at our JP Nagar Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Specialist, JP Nagar.

Clinic Next Face is renowned as the top skin specialist in Jp Nagar due to its exceptional customized treatments. We offer a massive range of skin solutions, starting from acne reduction, pimple reduction, scar removal, birthmark removal, and dark circle treatment to skin tightening and stretch mark reduction. Our expertise in these areas makes them the go-to choice for individuals seeking effective and tailored skincare solutions.

To book an appointment at Clinic Next Face, simply visit our official website or call us +91-9111159191. On our website, you’ll find a user-friendly booking system where you can select your preferred service and send us the form. Alternatively, you can find a whatsapp button on the cornor of your screen which directs your message directly to our team.

We look forward to offering you a smart-ageing solution at Clinic Next Face.

At Clinic Next Face, our professionals value the privacy of all our clients and do not share all of their results without their consent. However, for those who have given us permission, you can find their before-after images on our Google page or in our Instagram highlights. We have served 10,000+ clients in the last year, and their reviews and transformations speak for our commitment to excellence.

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