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5 Reasons Why PRP Treatment Won’t Work for Your Hair Loss 


  • PRP therapy is a popular hair loss treatment, but it may not work for everyone.
  • Reasons for PRP treatment not working include a low concentration of platelets, excessively high platelet concentration, advanced stage of hair fall, improper technique of delivery, and excessive smoking.
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is considered more potent than PRP, offering additional benefits such as stem cells for hair regrowth.
  • Choosing PRF over PRP can result in no downtime, no general anesthesia requirement, and thicker, healthier, and stronger new hair growth.
  • Clinic Next Face (CNF) is a trusted beauty clinic in Bangalore offering PRF hair loss treatment and other medical-aesthetic services.

PRP has become a popular hair loss treatment because of its effectiveness. According to certain studies, PRP therapy is more effective than placebo, while other studies didn’t point to any difference between them. Unfortunately, this treatment didn’t work for many and they couldn’t see any improvement in hair loss condition. 

But what can be the reasons why PRP treatment may not work for your hair loss? Find the reasons below: 

  1. Less Concentration of Platelets 

The effectiveness of stimulating tissue regeneration depends on the concentration of platelets in the plasma. Thus, a higher concentration of platelets shows more effectiveness. Checking the concentration of platelets is crucial before PRP injections as you won’t get the results if it’s too less. During injection and when concentrating the platelets, it should be 5 times concentrated. For instance, if the normal platelet concentration is 2, 00,000/mo, it should be up to 5 times concentrated, i.e., 10, 00,000/ml after centrifuge. 

  1. Extremely High Platelet Concentration 

The super concentration of platelets is useless and harmful. They can isolate platelets and apply them in various concentrations on tendon cells to check if higher concentrations benefitted. Platelets alone can’t help cell survival. PRP is rich in platelets and contains a small portion of RBC, WBC, and plasma serum that have the nutrients that cells require to survive. 

Taking the concentration above 1,000,000 platelets/unit may not give therapeutic benefits and can leave a detrimental effect. Choosing the right PRP kit is crucial to deliver the desired results. The kit has to produce PRP in the ideal concentration so it works every single time injected into the patient’s body. 

  1. Advanced Stage of Hairfall 

The results of PRP treatment depend on the stage of hair loss. It may be less effective if your hair fall is in an advanced stage. When your hair fall is in earlier stages, you should take PRP injections to get better results.

  1. Technique of Delivery 

The technique of delivery affects the results of PRP therapy. The treatment may have involved improper way of delivery, the amount of used plasma, and frequency. The use of improper equipment doesn’t deliver the desired results. 

  1. Excessive Smoking 

PRP treatment may not control your hair fall if you smoke a lot. So, quit smoking before you opt for this treatment. Otherwise, your hair loss may not be controlled if you take PRP injections as a heavy smoker. 

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Why Choose PRF Instead of PRP? 

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)  is much more potent than PRP. Unlike PRF, PRP includes a centrifugation process that distinguishes platelets from the rest of the blood elements before it is again injected inside your body.

Both have platelets but PRF offers certain things that PRP doesn’t, including stem cells, which regrow hair in people suffering from hair loss. 

Here are the key reasons to choose PRF instead of PRP:

  • No massive downtime as people can resume everyday activities immediately
  • No general anesthesia requirement
  • Thicker, healthier, and stronger new hair growth

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Dr. Praharsh Devraj

Dr. Praharsh Devraj

Dr. Praharsh Devraj is an Indian cosmetic doctor with decades of experience in Skincare, Injectables, and Hair Loss Treatments. He is India's best injector who has trained more than 1k+ injectors and has transformed over 10k+ faces pan India. He is first India's pioneer in Organic Lift and Plasmoderm for Facial aesthetics and Anti-Aging. He is also the founder of Clinic Next Face, India's 1st Smart Ageing Clinic. Praharsh Devraj is also a member of the London School of Facial Orthotropics.

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